The “Search” for Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 Finally Called Off… nothing found (because it’s in the South China Sea where it’s always been)

by Scott Creighton

Flight 370: Search in South China Sea Called Off – The Story of the Immaculate Aviation Takes Shape March 2014

As the story of the downed Flight MH370 developed, as the official mythology of the “ping path” unfolded taking it further and further south, well away from the location in the South China Sea where it suddenly dropped off the radar and where a witness said he saw a plane in the distance burning and crashing into the sea, I wrote repeatedly that they would never find Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 and it would be the first time in history a commercial airliner disappeared without a trace.

That’s just officially happened.

“The deep-sea search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 ended on Tuesday without any trace being found of the plane that vanished in 2014 with 239 people on board, the three countries involved in the search said.

The location of Flight MH370 has become one of the world’s greatest aviation mysteries since the plane disappeared en route to Beijing from the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur.” Reuters

That plane went down in the extremely shallow waters of the South China Sea that night and as it just so happens, two U.S. cruise missile destroyers were in the area conducting war-games at that same time. A mysterious radar blip was also seen in the area making a bee-line for RMAF Butterworth Air Force Base  right after the flight went off the radar which led some to believe it was taken out by an air-to-air missile fired by that fighter. Either theory is 100 times more probable than the stealth airliner piloted by a suicidal co-pilot turning off all tracking devices on the plane (which is impossible) and vanishing without a trace in the Indian Ocean.

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Search for Flight MH370 to be Suspended as the Obama’s Pivot to Asia is Saved for the Greater Good

by Scott Creighton

It’s what I said all along.

When they fabricated the story about Flight MH370 flying south for the winter from the location where it disappeared off the radar over the South China sea, where a witness reported seeing a plane burning and crashing in the night sky, where the US was holding naval drills with two cruise missile destroyers… when they fabricated the “super stealth” commercial airliner story and diverted the search area a thousand miles from anywhere one would logically look for debris.. I wrote that the plane would never be found.

And after a number of bullshit “discoveries” of parts and pieces of things that had nothing to do with Flight MH370 and spending $180 million on an ocean floor mapping project for Big Oil (under the cover of “looking for Flight 370)… they have now given up entirely on ever finding the plane and the bodies of those poor souls lost that day.

The hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 will be suspended if the aircraft is not found in an area now being searched, Malaysia, China and Australia said in a statement on Friday.

The Boeing 777, with 239 aboard, disappeared in March 2014 while on a flight from the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, to Beijing.

Almost $180 million ($135 million) has been spent since then on an underwater search spanning 120,000 square kilometers (46,332 square miles) in the southern Indian Ocean. Reuters

Being right has never left me feeling so empty inside.

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Egyptair MS804 and Malaysian Airlines MH370: Is Something Dreadfully Wrong with the Arleigh Burke-class Guided Missile System?

by Scott Creighton (H/T Anon and Tim)

Yesterday I wrote about removing an article from their website which detailed an Africom navel exercise that was taking place when Egyptair Flight MS804 went down in the same location it disappeared. Readers have pointed out that the article is back up on the Navy website with a different posting date and article number along with a rather remarkable edit.

After having a look at the new version of the official story from the Navy and comparing what happened with Flight MS804 to Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, it occurs to me that there may actually be something very wrong with the missile guidance systems on our Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyers and someone may be trying to avoid having a meddlesome researcher figure it out.

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Egyptair Flight MS804: Fake Fireball Video Used to Discredit Eyewitness Reports

by Scott Creighton

Early into the investigation of what happened 33 hours ago to Egyptair Flight MS804, reports came out from a variety of sources that folks saw something burning in the skies above the Mediterranean Sea right about the time the commercial flight went off the radar with 66 people on board.

The most prominent of these stories came from the captain of a merchant ship. But there were others.

“The AFP news agency reports confirmation from a Greek aviation source that the EgyptAir plane crashed off the island of Karpathos. The captain of a merchant ship in the area had reported seeing a ‘flame’ in the sky and marine traffic monitors showed civilian vessels joining a search in the area.” Guardian

This eyewitness testimony seems to fit the current prescribed narrative from the complicit media that either it was an act of terrorism that brought down the plane or a catastrophic mechanical failure of some kind. It also just happens to fit with my personal theory that the plane was brought down by accident during the ongoing naval drills taking place in that very part of the Mediterranean Sea, Phoenix Express 2016.

However, slowly but surely this eyewitness testimony (like the eyewitness testimony involved with the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 downing and the TWA Flight 800 tragedy) has been scrubbed from the news cycle completely.

“A recent Flight MH370 news report from The Daily Mail indicated a certain Mike McKay who stands by his claims that he had seen first-hand the “burning wreckage” of the airline crashing into the South China Sea, last year.

“Almost a year has passed, but I stand by what I saw,” the 57-year-old said. “I’ve thought about it and thought about it, over and over and while I cannot say for certain that the burning object in the sky was definitely MH370, the timing fits in with when the Malaysian plane lost contact.”

McKay went on to say that he emailed authorities about what he saw. The action resulted him getting fired from the Songa Mercur oil rig that he had worked at for 30 years. Christian Post

We saw what appeared to be a flare going straight up. As a matter of fact, we thought it was from a boat. It was a bright reddish-orange color. Once it went into flames I knew that it wasn’t a flare.”
Lou Desyron, Flight 800 eye-witness; ABC World News Sunday; 07/21/96.

The reason the media gives for discrediting these new eyewitness’s testimony, and I heard this yesterday, was that what so many people reported seeing was actually a Russian satellite burning as it re-entered earth’s atmosphere, and not Flight MS804 burning as it crashed. I heard that several times yesterday on CNN and MSNBC.

Then I heard, later last night, the talking heads and various “experts” saying they didn’t think the plane broke up in the sky because “no one in the area saw it burning”

Wow. Talk about spin. Obviously, there is a major logical fallacy at play here.

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EgyptAir Flight MS804: Phoenix Express 2016 Naval Exercises May 17 – 27

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: EgyptAir Flight MS804 Flew Right Through Phoenix Express 2016 Naval Exercises

804 map 2

UPDATE: The naval drills were taking place between Greece and territorial waters of “North African nations”

“This year’s exercise control group will be hosted at the NATO Maritime Interdiction Operations Training Center (NMIOTC) located in Souda Bay, Greece, but training will take place throughout the Mediterranean to include North African nations’ territorial waters.”

UPDATE: Greek authorities say the plane made sudden swerving movements just before it disappeared (as if they were trying to avoid something)

EgyptAir Flight MS804 on route from Paris to Cairo, disappeared off radar over the Mediterranean Sea early this morning at a cruising altitude of 37,000. It had just passed through Greek airspace and was in Egyptian airspace for 3 minutes before it vanished from radar. Weather conditions were clear. Sixty-six people were on board. 56 passengers and 10 crew members.

The captain of a merchant vessel reported seeing something burning in the sky at that location.

“The AFP news agency reports confirmation from a Greek aviation source that the EgyptAir plane crashed off the island of Karpathos. The captain of a merchant ship in the area had reported seeing a ‘flame’ in the sky and marine traffic monitors showed civilian vessels joining a search in the area.” Guardian

The area where the plane disappeared is heavily traveled by both air and sea traffic. Greek officials are investigating the reports from the Greek merchant vessel that said the explosion “lit up the sky”

I cannot but help to remember the two guided missile destroyers conducting drills in the South China Sea when Flight 370 was seen “burning in the sky” or the Israeli air combat drills taking place when Metrojet Flight 9268 blew up midair. I guess that’s because there are naval drills (Phoenix Express 2016) taking place in the Med. Sea from May 17 -27 and of course, they include guided missile destroyers.

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Dutch MPs slam secrecy, question lack of evidence in MH17 investigation

from RT

Dutch lawmakers have questioned the course of the investigation into the MH17 crash in Ukraine, highlighting innuendos in the Dutch Safety Board report, and lack of raw data despite US claims of picking up “imagery” as the jet disappeared from radars.

Dutch MPs have held a parliamentary debate on the investigation into the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014 that killed all 298 on board, most of them citizens of the Netherlands.

In particular, the Tuesday discussion focused on the final report into the causes of the incident issued by the Dutch Safety Board last October, and the recent chief prosecutor’s letter which revealed the investigation has no raw radar data, useful footage or satellite images of the missile launch.

During the debate, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s government insisted that there was already enough information for a criminal investigation into the crash, while Dutch opposition lawmakers questioned innuendos and a lack of firm evidence.

Among the questions raised by Dutch MPs was an issue concerning raw radar data and satellite imagery that the United States claimed to have in its possession and which it called strong evidence.

“We picked up the imagery of this launch. We know the trajectory. We know where it came from. We know the timing, and it was exactly at the time that this aircraft disappeared from the radar,” said US State Secretary John Kerry in an interview with David Gregory of NBC’s Meet the Press in July 2014.

The reason why Dutch investigators apparently haven’t seen that data was questioned during the parliamentary debate: “So our question is, why has [it] not been asked what information they had because Kerry literally says: we saw it “disappear from the radar” screens,” said Pieter Omtzigt of the of the Christian Democratic Appeal.

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Investigators Fail to Link Reunion Aircraft Debris to MH370

(As I have stated before, Flight MH370 was shot down, probably by accident, in the South China Sea where the US was conducting military drills which included two US destroyers equipped with cruise missiles. With our president’s all-important “pivot to Asia” taking place, they could not take the negative publicity the accident would generate so they made up the entire story about the ghost radar blip and the tracking of the plane south to the Indian Ocean so that the wreckage would never be found. When the Cheonan was sank by accident when it hit a US mine during another drill, they tried to blame North Korea for much the same reason and when two South Korean soldiers were seriously injured while replacing land mines in the DMZ, they did the same. This is a well established pattern of behavior for this administration at this critical time in the area. The search was diverted to an area off the coast of Australia and privatized so they could map the ocean floor in that region looking for suitable deep-water drilling locations. The point of staging this piece of phony debris on that island was simply to extend the underwater mapping project a while longer with more tax-payer money.)

from Global Research

[The following article is the English translation of a report  that appeared on the French website, stating that investigators who have been examining the flaperon of a plane  found on Reunion have been unable to find any evidence linking it to MH370.]

Experts from the Directorate General of Armaments have finished surveying the flaperon found on Reunion Island. Nothing certifies that it belongs to MH370!

In Balma, near Toulouse, technical analysis of the wing flaperon that is believed to belong to the Malaysia Airlines Boeing has ended. Engineers from Toulous have brought forth their conclusions to the Paris Prosecutor’s Office, in charge of the judicial inquiry. At the moment, none of their observations have been linked. “The team, tasked by French officials with examining the flaperon, concluded the first phase of its inspection work”, announced the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) located in Sydney.

Circumustantial evidence:

“French authorities, in consultation with Malaysia, will give updates on progress when the time is right”, added the ATSB. The judicial authorities are in fact  remaining silent and refusing to comment on anything. According to our sources, the experts found no irrefutable technical elements that would allow to us to certify 100% that this piece belongs to flight MH370. “The experts’ conclusions are the only technical part of the criminal investigation, which is still going on”, says an insider of the investigation. As of now, the only certitude is that the flaperon that was tranfered from the Reunion Island  to Toulouse on August 5 corresponds to a moving part of the wing of a Boeing 777. If the deputy prosecutor of the Republic of Paris has stated that there was a “very strong supposition” that the piece belonged to the plane of flight MH370, which disappeared 18 months ago, that statement is based on circumstantial evidence.

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