UPDATE on MakerSupport Fraud

Still no reply from Conner Douglass or MakerSupport directly but he’s updated the website to blame Stripe, again, and some funds are missing, hopefully they are charge-backs. Will keep you updated as time goes on.

If anyone knows how to cancel my MakerSupport account, please let me know. thanks

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Styxhexenhammer’s “strategic thinking” on Rebranding of MakerSupport Fraud

Styxhexenhammer has finally comment on the MakerSupport thing telling his fans to not make donations thru that service… 2 days after Stripe shut down donations themselves. Styx has gone all in with his continued support for Conner Douglass and MakerSupport and appears to be positioning himself to support this fraudster once he finds a new payment service from which he can run his scheme. I strongly suggest you don’t fall for this crap AGAIN.

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Stripe Shuts Down MakerSupport with Good Reason

Looks like Stripe had finally had enough of MakerSupport blaming them for Connor’s ponzi schemes.

UPDATES on MakerSupport Case

MakerSupport seems to be imploding. Stripe is making moves, the payout button now says there are no funds in MS’s Stripe account. Looks like Conner’s ponzi scheme has crapped out.

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Former U.K. Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, on Tucker Carlson – “Douma attack a hoax”

by Scott Creighton (H/T Walid)

So former British ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford did end up on Tucker Carlson talking about the hoax chemical weapons attack in Douma. I guess Tucker Carlson is now considered a “fake news conspiracy theorist” as well. And if things go well with Georgetown’s lawsuit against me and Alex Jones, a few of those al Qaeda “victims” in that video would be able to sue him and Fox News for millions. Great world they are trying to make for us, ain’t it?

(I am still having computer issues. May be cleared up later today. Can only access “interwebs” sporadically. But I am here still working on this stuff. BTW, Conner Douglass has still not freed up MakerSupport accounts for many if not all account holders. Still blames Stripe which they deny. Banks are now investigating through their fraud departments. No word back as of yet on my ICCC complaint. Will keep you all up to date as this develops)

I’ll Be Away from the Website for a Day or So

by Scott Creighton

Hi everyone. I’m having computer issues and wont be posting much today or tomorrow. Currently I am checking Twitter, email and MakerSupport status on Jan10’s system. I am hoping to be back up and running very soon.

Thanks for all the kind words about Grumpy. He’s buried in his favorite spot under a tree in the side yard next to Newt. You guys helped us through it and I thank you all for that.

The only MakerSupport status change is now Stripe is also ignoring my attempts at communication. I guess they didn’t like it when I pointed out that all this time they could and should have noticed Conner Douglass’ criminal behavior, they were collecting 5% of every donation so that might tend to lead some to suspect it was a sort of incentive for them to look the other way. hmmm?


Screw em.

I will be back as soon as possible. I found those comments WP ate. I will check on the site today a couple times just to make sure it hasn’t happened again.

See you guys in a bit.

p.s. Thank you Nancy and Citizen 37. I received you letters yesterday. Thank you very much. I will email you in a day or so.

STRIPE Freezes MakerSupport Account: PLUS!!! A Special Message for Connor Douglass

“ashes to ashes dirt to dirt.
Punks run when I put in work”

Some crap is shaking loose with the MakerSupport situation. Their account seems to be frozen by STRIPE. I’m waiting for official reply from STRIPE regarding this but they have suddenly gone silent on me and MakerSupport still hasn’t replied to any of my communications with them. But their owner has replied to a donor… and lied about this situation. It’s getting to the point where I guess Connor figures he “picked the wrong n**** to f*** wit

Maker Support email support@makersupport.com
Maker Support twitter account https://twitter.com/GoMakerSupport
Connor Douglass email conner@makersupport.com
Connor Douglass Twitter account https://twitter.com/DissentReport
email Stripe (attention Angus and Veronica) support@stripe.com

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