Madrid Protest Swells After Video of Brutality Goes Viral: Want Government OUT!

Citizens have surrounded the Congress, demanding an end to austerity and the immediate resignation of the government.

Watch the live feed.


Spainish Anti-Austerity Protests Spreading

by Scott Creighton

The IMF “austerity measures” are nearly the exact same thing that we have imposed on other nations for decades. They were called the “economic brick” when Milton Friedman and his Chicago Boys imposed them on the people of Chile in 1973 after Kissinger and the CIA orchestrated the violent overthrow and murder of their elected president Salvador Allende on Sept. 11th, 1973.

The people of Spain are saying “no”. Let’s hope the rest of the world will as well and soon. We have to get off our asses here as well. Left cover or not, these fascists will take everything from us, no one is safe. The sooner you understand that, the better we will all be.


Pure Brutality: Riot Police in Madrid Attack Auterity Protesters

by Scott Creighton

The Dark Knight pictured this the other way around and for that I called it pure propaganda. The riot squads across the world are using brute force to repel the people of their own communities as they struggle for social and economic justice in the face of the same crushing austerity measures that Obama himself will be pushing during the lame duck session of congress this year. They were swinging away at young girls and hitting men in the back as they tried to calm the crowds.

“Skirmishes continue between protesters and riot police in Madrid, with cops firing rubber bullets and tear gas at the crowd. Fourteen people have been injured and 22 arrested, local media report.

Madrid emergency services have confirmed that at least 14 people, including three policemen, have been injured in clashes between police and protesters. One of the wounded is believed to be in critical condition, according to local news.

Riot Police belted protesters, dragging some them by the arms and legs, who had tried to get through police lines. An uneasy order was restored and police have brought in reinforcements and have begun to try and disperse the crowd.

Thousands of activists have congregated in Madrid’s Plaza de Neptune, 100 meters from the Congress building, to protest Spanish austerity measures.” RT