Why Wont They Release Brighton Hotel Security Camera Footage of Khalid Masood Taken Just Hours Before Attack?

by Scott Creighton

I’ve been wondering why they will only show 40-year-old photos of Khalid Masood (a.k.a. Adrian Russell Ajao, Adrian Elms, Khalid Choudry and Adrian Ajao). My theory is the guy looks nothing like the dude on that gurney who ran over some folks and stabbed a cop in London the other day.

He’s certainly got more recent photos of him (12 years ago) from booking photos and perhaps wedding photos or even school photos from when he attended school so he could teach or even some from when he was teaching.

Lots of more recent stuff to choose from.

But I missed something. Something big.

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Why Wont the MSM Publish a Recent Arrest Photo of Khalid Masood? One 40-year-old High School Photo Revealed

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: It is being reported that Metropolitan Police have released this photo of “Khalid Masood” or Adrian Elms. The quality of the photo is extremely bad and there is no guarantee it is him. it appears to be a booking photo and since he hasn’t been arrested for a while, it would be about 13 or so years old. Looks an awful lot like Abu Izzadeen, doesn’t he?

Image result for adrian elms police photo

UPDATE: A new 40-year-old photo of Adrian has emerged from his days at the same school.

This is the first picture of the Westminster ISIS-inspired fanatic Khalid Masood while at school in Tunbridge Wells

So what about that suspect in the recent London attack?

Well, now his name isn’t “Khalid Masood’ it’s Adrian Russell Ajao or maybe it’s Adrian Elms. And he has a wife and a family with 3 kids and he was born on Christmas day in ’64.

It is being reported that he was born Adrian Elms and then changed his name to Adrian Russell Ajao after his step-father. Also said he also has gone by Khalid Choudry and Adrian Ajao.

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Khalid Masood named as London Terrorist – been “arrested with a knife” once

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: New York Times just published the ultimate run-down of the life and times of Khalid Masood... not once showing a single photo of the man from before the attack. Not a single solitary one. This is now becoming unprecedented. They have run ops with patsies before but they have NEVER refused to publish a picture of the suspect from before the false flag attack. Never. It’s like all they have to do is make up a name and there it is.

UPDATE: Khalid “was a nice guy who used to enjoy working in his garden

UPDATE: It’s 2:30pm and there is still no published photo that I can find of Khalid Masood. All these MSM stories about “what we know about Khalid Masood” and not a one of them offers either a photo of the guy… or a possible motive. He went from being a dad to plowing over pedestrians for no apparent reason and not one single MSM source seems concerned about that highly improbable and unexplained behavior… and you can’t find a pic of him anywhere.

Officials have reported that the name of the Westminster terror suspect is Khalid Masood.

THE KILLER behind the Westminster terror attack has been named by police as 52-year-old Khalid Masood.

Police said the attacker, who killed three people including a police officer and injured 29 when he stormed Westminster yesterday, was born in Kent but moved to the West Midlands.

Scotland Yard said Masood had previous convictions for assaults, including GBH, possession of offensive weapons and public order offences.

He has not been convicted of any terror offences, and was not subject to any investigations at the time of the atrocity.

Masood’s first conviction was in November 1983 for criminal damage and his last conviction was in December 2003 for possession of a knife.

The Met police said there was “no prior intelligence about his intent to mount a terrorist attack”. The Sun

Ironically, there is a fat Muslim named Khalid Masood who apparently works for the BBC who is currently tweeting a lot right now, so I guess that’s not him.

And there was a Muhammad Khalid Masood who died in that Pakistani plane crash a couple months ago.

Theresa May said their suspect “some years ago he was once investigated by MI5 in relation to concerns about violent extremism” but I don’t see that potential in this guy. But then again.. he had a knife 14 years ago, so I guess that cinches it.

I have yet to see a photo of Khalid Masood included in a single one of these articles. When I do, I will add it to this one.

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Yesterday’s Very Odd, Fast Paced Events: Question – Was Judge Nap Right? Are the 5 Eyes Now Spying on Devin?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: There was a counter-terrorism drill held on the Thames river in East London on this past Sunday which involved simulating a “marauding” terrorist attack. See here and here. Reports said it was “terrifyingly realistic”

(This is just a “what if” theory here, so don’t kill me you 5 Eyes intel fascists out there…)

How often are there terrorist attacks in Britain? I’m not talking about the financial terrorism London conducts on the rest of the world, I’m talking “Global War OF Terror” stuff. You know, “ISIS” inspired things conducted by folks ALWAYS known to intelligence agencies, ALWAYS with little or no motive and ALWAYS happen at a time that is very beneficial for various deep state institutions. You know.. terrorism.

How often?

In 2013 Lee Rigby was killed in Woolwich. In Dec. of 2015 there was a stabbing event on a subway or something. Last year Labor MP Jo Cox was killed by someone yelling “Britain first” in order to demonize Brexit. But that’s about it, right? Of course there was 7/7 where some locations were bombed that just happened to be the exact same locations where they were having “counter terrorism” drills. But that’s about it, right? Doesn’t happen very often.

So yesterday’s seemingly hastily constructed terror attack at Westminster is not a regular occurrence by any stretch of the imagination. And as it just so happened, it took place on the very same day Devin Nunes found out there was a lot more to this “Trump surveillance” story that he and we have been told.

Nunes said he had been approached by someone with clearance and provided access to “dozens” of files regarding surveillance of the Trump transition team. He said someone watched the congressional hearings on Monday and felt compelled to come forward with this information.

Nunes held two press conferences, one at 3:00pm yesterday afternoon and one earlier I’m not sure at what time.

Important to this story is something Nunes said but the complicit media seems to be refusing to mention and that is he said he “first went to the heads of the NSA and the CIA with this information and he tried to communicate with the FBI but was unsuccessful and THEN he went to the Speaker of the House who told him to take this information directly to the White House” or something to that effect.

It was then that Nunes spoke to the president at the White House and afterward he held two press conferences. He said he did that because information he saw with his own two eyes involved conversations the then president-elect had conducted with unnamed individuals.

He had to tell the president at that time because he was in possession of information that made the president the victim of a crime. Nunes also said the recordings had nothing to do with Russia and were therefore outside the scope of his current House Intelligence Committee investigation.. inspite of what the desperate Mockingbirds at CNN and MSNBC are screeching about this morning.

Here are his two pressers for you to judge for yourself what he actually said and how he said it because that is important.

Notice that the last press conference took place at 3:05pm Eastern time. That means all of this other stuff happened before that.

  • He was contacted and met with the whistle-blower.
  • He contacted and talked with the head of the NSA.
  • He contacted and talked with the head of the CIA.
  • He tried to make contact with the head of the FBI.
  • He contacted and talked with the Speaker of the House.
  • He contacted and talked with the president at the White House.
  • He held press conferences to inform the press that something new had been discovered in the investigation.

All of that took place prior to 3:05pm yesterday. What time in the morning he spoke with the whistle-blower and what time he made contact with all the heads of the various agencies, we do not know.

But this groundbreaking story took a back seat and that was only because a bigger, hotter story took over the international airwaves. And that may not have been by accident.

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London Car/Knife Attack UPDATES – Was It “Abu Izzadeen” After All? Looks a Lot Like Him and May Says He Was Born in Britain and Known to MI5

by Scott Creighton

This morning we are told there were 8 arrests made last night in relation to the Westminster Bridge car/knife attack that reportedly killed 4 people, including the assailant, and injured 40 (that number started off yesterday at 20) but we have not been told the name of the attacker.

It was first reported by Channel 4 by Simon Israel that it was “Abu Izzadeen”, a “hate preacher”/ fake Muslim born in Britain as Trevor Brooks. But after a quick search of his name, I and others pointed out that Trevor should still be in prison as he was sentenced to two years one year ago. Trevor’s brother and his lawyer quickly stated Brooks couldn’t be the assailant because he was still in prison and Channel 4 retracted their statement that it was him.


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Phony “Islamist” London Car Attack Suspect Should Have Been in Jail

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Now there is a report out that says 72 people arrested and convicted on terrorism related charges were release from UK prisons back in Sept. of 2016. Trevor was not mentioned by name in the article but they said 28 people were released who had been sentenced to less than 4 years. Abu would certainly have fit in that description. This article was published today. Are they making ready a narrative that Trevor was released a couple months ago?

UPDATE: BBC says it’s not Abu Izzadeen because Abu is supposed to be in jail.

Omar Brooks , 40, told the court he was travelling to Turkey to help Keeler find his wife and children.

Omar Brooks , 40, told the court he was travelling to Turkey to help Keeler find his wife and children.

The name of the suspect involved in the London car attack (what else would you call it?) is being reported as Abu Izzadeen.

Abu is actually Trevor Brooks, born in the UK on 18 April 1975. Trevor. Yeah, that’s the name of a terrorist… ಠ_ಠ

Trevor changed his name to Omar when he “radicalized” himself somewhere around his 18th birthday. So then he was Omar Brooks.

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