Absolute Proof London Bucket Bomb Video was Staged (AE video)

I don’t know who put the bucket of doom on that subway or why but I can tell you that video of it burning in the station was 100% staged. And that tells you something right there.

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Trump Wants to Shut Down Internet Over London’s Bucket of Doom

by Scott Creighton

While I was away trying to figure out how to cook turtle soup without a microwave, some dreaded “tuuurrrurrrurriist” decided to launch his big plan of attack on the gentle hobbits of the Shire, or better known now as London, the center of Big Banking’s Globalism movement.

I hear Bilbo is now a hedge fund manager who likes snorting cocaine off the buttocks of Elven hookers but… that’s just a rumor.

When I got back online early Friday just before TECO got around to hooking up my electricity again, I saw there had been a “tuuuurrurrist” bombing in a London subway and was told by the complicit media that 22 people were “injured” and most of those “injuries” were of a “flash burn” nature.

Ok. The strategy of tension game goes on without me, I thought to myself as I searched for another extension cord long enough to reach the microwave and the turtle waiting patiently inside it.

Yesterday I posted a few things, sent some emails, figured out mom’s car is more of a piece of crap than I thought it was the day before and generally wasted the day setting the turtle free and standing in front of the A/C dancing a little jig.

This morning I read President Fake Populist’s Tweets on the subject that he unleashed right after the “bombing”

As usual, the Duke of Orange was his normal, reserved, mature, presidential self.

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