The CNN “Slave Auction” Video is Complete BS (AE video)

It’s a “hearts and minds” operation designed to help President Trump justify further military action in Libya on behalf of the government Hillary Clinton installed.

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The CNN “Libya Slave Auction” Story is TOTAL BULLSHIT (and I shouldn’t have posted the AlterNet story yesterday… my bad)

by Scott Creighton

Mia Culpa: Yesterday I posted a story from AlterNet about the Libyan slave auctions taking place in the country Hillary and Obama decimated for fun and profit. I should have done a little more research. I should have remembered how eager AlterNet was to support the first lies of the Obama regime that justified and created an accepting climate on the fake progressive left side for an illegal and immoral invasion of Libya in the first place. I should have done the research. I was lazy.

But today I have done the research and I can tell you right now… the story is complete bullshit.

First of all, it’s from CNN, a company that CONSTANTLY PRODUCES FAKE NEWS AND OTHER LIES ON BEHALF OF PROMOTING GLOBALIST AGGRESSION AGAINST OTHER NATIONS. CNN was constantly producing fake news stories about Libya back in 2011 when Killary decided to sacrifice that nation and it’s people on the holy alter of neoliberal globalization. They did the same thing on Syria for years.

Today they have offered up a manufactured “slave trade” story from Libya. The purpose is to get the American, British and French public behind more bombing and attacks against a certain segment of the Libyan population… the segment that is rightfully elected and stands opposed to the new puppet regime we have installed in the country.

And that is a fact. And to understand what is really going on here, first we have to take a look at the frazzled country called Libya that was once called the Paris of Africa.

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Black People Are Being Openly Bought and Sold in Libyan Slave Markets

(And here we have all that “freedom and democracy” Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama brought to Libya. Funny thing is, the “freedom” is for plantations to buy slaves.)

from AlterNet

Black Africans are being sold like inanimate objects in slave auctions across Libya. Like so many modern horrors, there is video evidence of this atrocity.

Cellphone footage from August, captured in an unidentified Libyan town, documents an outdoor slave market during a sale in progress. In the video, below, an auctioneer describes two Nigerians as “big strong boys for farm work,” before he begins calling out increasingly larger bids to an audience off-camera. The price that is settled on for both men comes to 1,200 Libyan dinars, or roughly $800 American. Two young men—two human beings—have just been sold at a price of $400 apiece.

For refugees fleeing violence, poverty and oppression in parts of Africa to its east, south and west, Libya has become a temporary landing point; a gateway that ultimately leads to the shores of southern Europe. But Libya has been torn apart by tribal warring and violence since 2011, when U.S.-led forces overthrew Muammar Gaddafi while making little effort to stabilize the region. This leadership vacuum has left Libya in a state of chaos in which “modern forms of slavery prosper,” according to human rights organization Walk Free.

Libya currently ranks among the top six countries on the Global Slavery Index, a result of its rampant “conflict, corruption, displacement, discrimination and inequality.” Longstanding North African racism toward black Africans is a contributing factor to the mistreatment of migrants. Shokri Agmar, a Libyan lawyer and journalist, told the New Internationalist in 2016 that sub-Saharan refugees are disadvantaged at every turn…

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