I Now Have Representation in Gilmore Lawsuit

I have reached an agreement with legal representation and I am confident in his approach and efforts thus far with two other defendants in this matter, so I am much happier. Just wanted to let you guys know

Gilmore Lawsuit: Georgetown Law Suing the Disabled into Silence

You can read more about the Gilmore lawsuit here:


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Yes. We Are Extremely Dangerous to THEIR Version of “Democracy”

A participatory public, a viable community of engaged citizens working toward building a more informed citizenry, is the greatest threat to what they see as “their democracy”  What they fear most perhaps is the public coming to understand their their version of “democracy” isn’t actually democracy at all.

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Yes. This is Extremely Dangerous to THEIR Version of “Democracy”

by Scott Creighton

Sinclair’s script for stations

How Sinclair Broadcasting puts a partisan tilt on trusted local news

Sinclair VP of News: Announcement from KSNV News 3, Las Vegas, March 23, 2017

(In this video, Sinclair VP of “news” says everything but his company’s info is “fake news” including “national news”)

Everything but the sanctioned “official version” of any event will soon be classified as “fake news” and an “extremely dangerous threat to our democracy

To that you can add any information shared via social media or websites like mine that expose:

  • the truth about the fake “Russian hacking” story
  • questions about their hastily constructed American Gladio operations
  • questions about their faked “chemical agent” attacks
  • the truth about our “moderate” terrorists in Syria and elsewhere (White Helmets anyone?)
  • the truth about the risks of mandated vaccines (or mandated useless insurance policies?)
  • the truth about the unlimited influence of the corporate state on our political leaders (by far the largest lobbyist in D.C. is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce… not AIPAC or the NRA)
  • the truth about the ongoing war on our constitution financed and supported by Big Business (just watch David Hogg brag about his corporate backing on CNN recently)
  • the truth about Israel’s illegal and immoral genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza and the apartheid state they run in the West Bank

Check out what Facebook recently did to silence Palestinian voices trying to get information out of Gaza. The idea of them violating Facebook’s “community standards” is a fascinating one. It’s the same language used to strip me and others from our audiences over at Youtube and the same language that Paypal used to strip me of my account (and income) which I have had since 2011.

“Community standards” and “our democracy”

Makes you think doesn’t it. What are the “community standards” in a fascist system? What has “our democracy” become?

They aren’t actually lying are they? It’s more like a clever play on words. If “our community standards” at Facebook means an Orwellian fascist state that allows ZERO DISSENT from the public… then they are completely accurate in their description of what they are doing.

By the same token… if by saying the truth posses “an extremely dangerous threat to our democracy” apparently that implies that “their” version of “democracy” may not necessarily coincide with what YOURS might be. Right?

They imagine a world where they are able to manipulate the population to the point where they can EXPECT to have you elect a candidate as criminal and as flawed as Hillary Clinton was WITHOUT worrying about their efforts falling short. They want stability and control. And what stood in the way of that? Social media.

People sharing information about Hillary Clinton put a stop to her coronation. Accurate information. We could list all the things she did but that’s water under the bridge now.

But Clinton wasn’t so much what angered the powerful. It was their lack of control that frightens them and that fear breeds anger.

Here are two quotes you should consider as we dive head-first into the void. Separated by centuries, their wisdom is universal and timeless and we had better remember it before it’s too late.

Yes. A participatory public IS extremely dangerous to their version of “democracy”

They understand this. It’s about time we did.

The Death of the United States Constitution: It’s Time to Make America Free Again

“We can pretend that the Constitution, which was written to hold the government accountable, is still our governing document. In reality, however, the Constitution has been steadily chipped away at, undermined, eroded, whittled down, and generally discarded to such an extent that what we are left with today is but a shadow of the robust document adopted more than two centuries ago. As John W. Whitehead warns in this episode of On Target, if constitutional illiteracy is not soon remedied, freedom in America will be doomed.”

Gilmore Lawsuit: A SLAPP in the Face of Democracy

by Scott Creighton

SLAPP = Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation

SLAPPs are Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation.  These damaging suits chill free speech and healthy debate by targeting those who communicate with their government or speak out on issues of public interest.

SLAPPs are used to silence and harass critics by forcing them to spend money to defend these baseless suits.  SLAPP filers don’t go to court to seek justice.  Rather, SLAPPS are intended to intimidate those who disagree with them or their activities by draining the target’s financial resources.

SLAPPs are effective because even a meritless lawsuit can take years and many thousands of dollars to defend.  To end or prevent a SLAPP, those who speak out on issues of public interest frequently agree to muzzle themselves, apologize, or “correct” statements.” anti-SLAPP.org

Why should one believe this new lawsuit filed against this website and others deemed “conspiracy theorists” or “fake news” is a Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP)? Because the ones bringing it have essentially said so:

The motivation . . . is the broader implications of the new era of the saturation of these fake news outlets,” Brennan Gilmore

If my case makes these conspiracy theorists think twice about just outright attacking someone without any type of journalistic review, then good.” Brennan Gilmore

We’re really trying to set a new paradigm for how people like Alex Jones and Infowars operate, to inject some consequences, legal consequences into that world and hold them accountable for the terror they cause. We don’t think the First Amendment protects blatantly defamatory speech that inspires violence and hatred of victims of terrorist attacks and mass shootings.” Andrew Mendrala

“The suit filed today by Georgetown Law’s Civil Rights Clinic seeks damages to compensate Mr. Gilmore for his reputational injuries and emotional distress, as well as punitive damages to deter the defendants, and others like them, from visiting such harm on other private citizens in the future.” Georgetown.edu

SLAPPs can be brought by businesses or the state and there is an interesting article recently published that is WELL WORTH the read (thank you Nancy for the link) which exposes the long history of using SLAPPs to silence growing dissent against our government or the establishment leaders:

Because they target speech, SLAPPs often take the form of defamation lawsuits. The modern tort of defamation — false speech that harms another person’s reputation — has its roots in historical efforts by the powerful to insulate themselves from the destabilizing influence of bad PR. In 1275, a formative British defamation statute forbade anyone to “be so hardy to tell or publish any false news or tales whereby discord or occasion of discord or slander may grow between the king and his people, or the great men of the realm.” No fake news, in other words, that hurts the king’s ratings…” Ian MacDougall  from Harpers Mar. 2018

Fake news that hurt the Queen’s ratings perhaps? Could that be part of what is behind this particular SLAPP?

In this day and age SLAPPs are typically brought by business interests against activists but what if there were another thread that linked participants together, something that bound them to one another and served as an underlying motivation which made them more than mere random citizens filing a lawsuit?

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Evan Mascagni column: Protecting free expression for Virginians: it’s common sense

(New anti-SLAPP law… in Virginia. Written in Jan. of 2017)

By Evan Mascagni, Richmond Times Dispatch

Perhaps no person in the history of American politics has framed the importance of advocating for individual liberties better than Thomas Paine, one of our nation’s Founding Fathers.

In his pamphlet, “Common Sense,” Paine made a clear and decisive argument that Americans must seek independence and pursue freedom.

“Man did not enter into society to become worse than he was before, not to have fewer rights than he had before,” Paine wrote, “but to have those rights better secured.”

Sen. Glen Sturtevant Jr. and Del. Terry Kilgore have introduced important legislation in Richmond to protect the free expression and speech of Virginians (SB 1413 and HB 1941, respectively), and they need the support of their colleagues to advance it without delay. Paine’s words resonate now more than ever. Virginia lawmakers have an opportunity to secure one of the most sacred rights: the right to freely express how you feel and say what you believe without fear of reprisal.

Without this critical piece of legislation, Virginians can be silenced through a legal mechanism known as strategic lawsuits against public participation (or “SLAPPs”)…

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