Celebrating Labor Day in the New Gilded Age

by Scott Creighton

Ironic is it not? The first Labor Day in the 1890s was a token peace offering to organized labor after the Pullman Strike Massacre of May 11, 1894.

Image result for pullman strike massacre

The “official” result was 30 workers were killed by U.S. troops sent in by Grover Cleveland on behalf of America’s oligarchs to get the trains running again. Another 57 or so were wounded and hundreds of labor leaders were shipped off to jail included Eugene Debs. Some lost their freedom, some lost their lives, all while trying to fight for better working conditions and better lives for their families near the end of the first Gilded Age of America.

And workers today poo-poo the notion of labor unions while sitting around sipping beer, eating burgers and singing the praises of their President Oligarch who like all the rest, long for a return to the glory days of yesteryear.

I was not the first alternative writer to explain that neoliberal/libertarian economic ideology is nothing more than a Gilded Age redux and that Globalization is an effort to infect the rest of the globe with a sickness that we suffered and recovered from a century ago. I was not the first and I am sure I wont be the last.

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