White House “Shooting”: Warning – Graphic Scene of High School Thespian Lying Down on Sidewalk

by Scott Creighton (H/T Ogami Itto)

WARNING: Video contains:

  • Very Bad Acting
  • Graphic Stupidity
  • Poor Stage Combat Training

I had to post this because it is just so funny. Here’s a video from ABC “News” of the White House Shooting street theater performance featuring a local high school thespian looking down at the ground while “attacking” the White House while putting up his hand as a signal to someone and then carefully placing his expensive prop gun on the ground so it doesn’t break and doing his exciting tumble roll to the sidewalk. Pay careful attention to the bumbling Keystone Cops, Trickey Dee and Trickey Dough as they jockey for position back and forth bumbling into one another during the “arrest”. Thanks of the laugh Ogami.

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