American Gladio: The Las Vegas Shooting

by Kurt Nimmo, Medium

At the risk of sounding like what the corporate media dismissively calls a conspiracy theorist, I believe the shooting in Las Vegas was a psychological operation. It wasn’t pulled off by a lone wolf gunman. It was an orchestrated event designed to frighten the American people, establish order out of chaos, and keep the state’s effort to disarm the people front and center.

There are major problems with the official story, most notably the complete lack of a motive. It makes zero sense that a wealthy individual who apparently enjoyed life and didn’t have a history of mental illness would suddenly and without warning kill nearly 60 people. Because this makes virtually no sense, the corporate propaganda media has avoided talking about it.

Instead, its grasps at straws. It cites the fact Stephen Paddock’s father was a bank robber wanted by the FBI. It’s not explained how this would affect Paddock and his alleged behavior. During an interview, Paddock’s brother said they hardly knew their father…

His family and neighbors say Paddock gave no indication that he had converted to Islam, as some believe, or that he was an assassin connected to Antifa. A neighbor said he believes Paddock was a patsy…

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