A Brief Note on the Seth Rich / Kim Dotcom Story : Is He Just Looking for Political Asylum?

by Scott Creighton

When the Seth Rich/Rod Wheeler story broke, I covered it but I also made mention of the fact that the timing was quite suspect (right as a new fake leak came out about Trump) as was the source.

Rod Wheeler has a less-than stellar background when it comes to news items having once gone on Fox News to alert their viewers that 150 lesbian gangs were raging through D.C. with pink handguns, kidnapping and raping your children in hopes it would turn them gay.

Needless too say, I don’t put a great deal of stock in his journalism.

But, if it is the case that the Metro Police and the FBI confiscated a laptop they have not returned, that is an issue that must be resolved. The fact that Rod never claimed to see these emails himself is also troubling to me just as the New York Times making claims about James Comey memos they have never seen is also troubling. To me, it’s hard to take either claim seriously.

Far too many so-called “alternative” journalists are out there attacking the Wheeler claim and anyone who reports on it. They call them “charlatans” because CNN supposedly has an email from Rod Wheeler… which of course, CNN isn’t making public.

I covered the story briefly when it first broke and have left it alone ever since and I did that for a number of reasons, but primarily because of what I just wrote. Wheeler’s history and the fact that he claims to have “sources” and has never seen the emails he reported on as fact. Way too many variables in that for me to take seriously… but again… those who condemn this story while for those reasons while reporting on the validity of the Comey farce are worse than hypocrites… and I am talking to you Young Turks and especially you Michael Tracy… you should damn well know better.

Turns out Rod Wheeler was paid for his contract by another Fox News personality. Some republican business guy who does reports for their business channel (though he now claims he didn’t pay him)

And, as it turns out, the family’s spokesperson who initially denied the Wheeler story, is a DNC public relations contractor who has worked with various candidates of theirs for years. And on top of that, his original denial was worded in such a way as too say “even if there were emails between Seth and Wikileaks, that doesn’t prove anything and they could be fakes”

That led me to believe someone figured there certainly could be some surfacing in the future… which led me to believe that someone was worried the laptop may actually exist.

Why does the family of a random murder victim need a spokesperson in the first place and why did they just happen to pick a spin doctor associated with the DNC?

Why did a republican businessman hire a hack like Rod Wheeler to “investigate” Seth’s death and why the curious timing of this “news” release?

It all seems very contrived to me.

And speaking of contrived…

Now Kim Dotcom has thrown his hat in the ring saying he knew Seth Rich and has evidence that will prove Seth was in contact with Wikileaks. CNN is currently attacking Dotcom while the purveyors of Rod Wheeler’s “breaking news” are trumpeting this latest development as if it’s some kind of huge deal.

It looks to me like Kim Dotcom is looking to make himself the next Jillian Assange. He’s probably shopping embassies in New Zealand right now hoping one of them will offer him asylum since he is supposedly in possession of some kind of “leak”. What he probably wants is protection from extradition to the U.S. to face charges and he figures he can try this move to see if it works.

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