Charlotte Police Release Some Keith Scott Videos While Race-baiting Fascism Apologists Like Mark Dice Squeal in Delight

by Scott Creighton

“Putney said that officers are “absolutely not being charged” … not all of the footage in police possession would be released Saturday, but that more would be released in the future.” Huffington Post

As I predicted yesterday morning, police in Charlotte have indeed released the two videos they had previously claimed they would not release until the investigation into the shooting of Keith Scott was concluded. And, as I predicted, the videos, though still up for interpretation, do show Keith Scott with something in his right hand. Does that justify the use of deadly force by officers? It didn’t used to.

In this image taken from the body-cam of one of the officers involved, you can barely see Mr. Scott getting out of the vehicle and you certainly can’t see him being shot as he backed away from that officer due to the fact that the camera is located next to and behind the officer’s head, which gets in the way at the critical moment. It is grainy and may have even been altered in a key frame. There seems to be a dot covering Keith Scott’s right hand in the only frame you could have actually made out what was in his hand. One thing you can see is Mr. Scott’s right pant leg pulled up well above his ankle.


Mr. Scott is only in this video for a total of about 3 seconds and the grainy resolution of it makes it impossible to determine what he is holding. But he is holding something and it is not a book.

Mr. Scott’s pants leg is important due to the fact that the police have released an updated version of what they found at the scene to include an ankle holster. As I said yesterday, the small size of the gun and his pants having been pulled down by the officers left me to deduce that either Mr. Scott had the gun in his pants crotch or the weapon was a “drop gun” which are typically kept on an officer in an ankle holster.

In neither of the two videos is it possible to determine that Mr. Scott was actually wearing the ankle holster.

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What Does Rakeyia Scott’s Shaky-cam Video Show Us? Is it Bait? Staged?

by Scott Creighton

In an environment where one half of the presidential campaign is suddenly focused almost entirely on creating racial division among the electorate and where millionaire professional football players are taking a knee in support of the pursuit of more racial equality in our justice system, we find ourselves with two very different and potentially defining moments in this country and this Black Lives Matter movement in general.

On Sept. 17th, Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby shot and killed Terence Crutcher, a 40-year-old unarmed black man, after his car was found disabled in the middle of the road. Crutcher had apparently approached Officer Shelby’s vehicle when pulled up onto the scene while on route to another call. There are two videos which clearly show the event as it unfolded and in one of the videos from a police helicopter flying above, an officer can be heard describing Crutcher as a “bad dude”. He was driving a family SUV, walking with his hands up and wearing khaki pants. So what made him look like a “bad dude” to the officer? Officer Shelby is a petite white woman whose lawyer stated she was frightened and felt threatened because he was a large man, not because of the color of his skin.

This is a very cut and dry case. You don’t kill someone because they refuse to OBEY and do so calmly and peacefully. The “bad dude” comment makes it much worse. Clearly, racial issues aside, tiny Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby should never have been a cop in the first place. You don’t get to shoot people because you’re scared of large men.

In this case, Tulsa police arrested Officer Shelby and charged her with manslaughter and yet, what could have been a major rallying point for the Black Lives Matter movement has quickly dropped off the radar of the national press… because of Charlotte.

This past Tuesday, the 20th of Sept. there was another shooting incident involving a very similar set of circumstances.

Keith Scott, was shot and killed by a black officer in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Early reports stated he was on his porch reading a book and was shot by officers, once again, attending to another call. After further review it turns out Mr. Scott was in a vehicle and then he got out of that vehicle while several officers had guns drawn on him. He then moved toward the position of one of the officers and after apparently ignoring several commands to drop his “gun”, was shot a few feet from that position one of the officers was holding.

His wife says he didn’t have a gun, but only a book. Video she released is inconclusive as to what he was really holding but there are clues.

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