As Soon as Trump Gets his Mind Right… Authorities “Capture” Joseph Jakubowski Without Incident ಠ_ಠ

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: He was caught with 5 weapons, some ammo, a sword and a flammable liquid at 6am. Supposedly he had made off with 18 guns.

You cannot tell me this is a coincidence.

At a defining moment in the young presidency of Donald Trump, his press secretary and Devin Nunes were about to expose the Brits and their 14 Eyes program spying on him during the election (which turned out to be 100% true)… and Trump, Tillerson and Haley were saying Assad could stay in power… suddenly we had two intertwined events take place on the same day.

There was ridiculous “chemical weapons attack” false flag event in Syria and Joseph Jakubowski got together with his handler to make a video, write a manifesto and break into a guns store to start his “anti-government revolution”

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The Very Odd Story of Joseph Jakubowski – “Ya’ll have no idea what’s about to happen,” (uh… unfortunately, I think we do)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: As Soon as Trump Gets his Mind Right… Authorities “Capture” Joseph Jakubowski Without Incident

So the story goes like this:

On the evening of Tuesday, April 4th, 2017, Joseph Jakubowski broke into the Armageddon Supplies gun shop and made off with at least 16 firearms including “high-end handguns and rifles” in Janesville, Wisconsin. That was the same day as the “Syrian chemical weapons attack”

We know this because local police released security camera footage of Joseph in the store and outside it.

Image result for Joseph Jakubowski

There are supposedly 16 “high end” guns in that bag and possibly even silencers, say the authorities.

Joseph, as you can see, was kind enough to make sure to stand right in front of a security camera an look up without his face covered. I guess he was really interested in those socks on the rack.

Notice something else?

The police responded to an alarm when Joseph busted through the glass front door but apparently he had time to walk around, collect 16 “high end” weapons and the stroll out the front door with his big bag o guns looking about as obvious as anyone could.

“Deputies responded to an audible alarm at Armageddon Gun Shop and found evidence of a break in and burglary. Video surveillance showed a white male suspect smashed the front door glass,” Rock County Sheriff, Robert D. Spoden said in a statement.RT

Half an hour later, so the story goes, authorities find Joseph’s car burning in a lot not far from there. Why would he burn his own car? I mean, it’s not like he was worried about forensic evidence or anything… right? He just strong-armed a plate glass door and shopped in a gun store without even covering up his face practically smiling for the camera… and it’s HIS car, so it’s not like they aren’t going to know “who done it”. So why burn the car?

Image result for Joseph Jakubowski

Now let’s go back for one second. Take a look at that surveillance photo of Joey in the gun store. Notice anything odd?

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