Olbermann Calls For Mayor Bloomberg’s Resignation Because Of His Fake Terror Plot

Believe it or Not, the Jose Pimentel Case Gets Even Worse

by Scott Creighton

I recently wrote that the NYPD frame-up of Jose Pimentel was coming apart at the seams. Well, today it got worse… much worse.

It’s being reported that Jose was seriously mentally ill, having tried to circumcise himself and that he was getting stoned (high) with the NYPD confidential informant when he was recorded making many of the incriminating comments that are being used against him in court. It’s also come out that the NYPD intelligence division that set him up actually made the bomb casing for him.

The suspect, Jose Pimentel, according to several people briefed on the case, would seek help from a neighbor in Upper Manhattan as well as a confidential informer. That informer provided companionship and a staging area so Mr. Pimentel, a Muslim convert, could build three pipe bombs while the Intelligence Division of the New York Police Department built its case…

There was concern that the informer might have played too active a role in helping Mr. Pimentel

Mr. Pimentel, 27, who lived with his uncle in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood after his mother threw him out recently, appears to be unstable, according to several of the people briefed on the case, three of whom said he had tried to circumcise himself.

And Mr. Pimentel, several of the people said, also smoked marijuana with the confidential informant, and some recordings in which he makes incriminating statements were made after the men had done so.

… “In the task force, investigators were concerned that the case raised some entrapment questions, two people said. They added that some investigators wondered whether Mr. Pimentel had the even small amount of money or technical know-how necessary to produce a pipe bomb on his own, had he not received help from the informer.”

… Some in the neighborhood described Mr. Pimentel as a somewhat solitary figure who at times appeared to be lost in his own thoughts. At the Cachet barber shop on 138th Street and Broadway, people said he would sit on a bench there for hours without talking. “He’s like a zombie; he’s in limbo all the time,” Ralphie Sanchez, 59, said. New York Times

They took a broke, mentally unstable guy and processed him into a “terrorist” for mass consumption. The NYPD intelligence division should be brought up on charges and that poor bastard should be cleared of all charges and released to the custody of an institution somewhere where he can get the help he obviously needs. Raymond Kelly and Michael Bloomberg should both be forced to resign for trying to frame this guy in an obvious attempt at gaining some kind of political distraction from their utter failure with the OWS movement.


Jose Pimentel Story Unraveling Already: CI Arranged for Everything and the Feds Refused to Investigate

by Scott Creighton

This is what happens when you rush to frame-up some loner blogger on terrorism charges in order to distract national attention from your brutal, totalitarian policing tactics.

The story of Jose Pimentel is falling apart and it’s only a matter of time before “credible” journalists (not like little bloggers like myself who have been calling for occupy type movements for say the past 4 years and whom have been warning of the neoliberalization of America for the same amount of time) start to put 2 and 2 together and write about the odd timing of Bloomberg and Kelly’s obvious frame-up.

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Jose Pimentel: The Best Terrorist Plot Bloomberg Could Buy

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: read Jose Pimentel Story Unraveling Already: CI Arranged for Everything and the Feds Refused to Investigate

Man, those “terrorists” sure have the worst timing, don’t they? On the other hand, they seem to always plot to blow shit up when it is the most opportune time for whatever regime happens to catch them at the time.  Here’s and example: 9/11 happened just one day after the plans to attack Afghanistan and the Taliban landed on George Bush’s desk and just a week or so after they worked out the kinks in the Patriot Act. Here’s another example: Umar Fizzlepants ignited his diaper of doom just a week after Barack Obama gave the order to hit targets in Yemen and accidentally killed 23 children in the process (We had no reason to be attacking targets in Yemen, that is, not until Umar Fizzlepants)

Today, the much beleaguered billionaire mayor of New York and his thuggish police commissioner announced (surprise surprise) they thwarted a “terrrorist plot” involving some “lone wolf” who was just “an hour” away from completing his bombs (just for the record, if you have 20 bucks, a bus pass, and a kitchen table, you are “an hour” away from creating a bomb as well)

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