John Judge Interview Videos

by Scott Creighton

“I tell people you can call me a conspiracy theorist if you call everyone else a coincidence theorist,” John P. Judge

Johnnie Favorite recommended I take a look at the work of John P. Judge, an independent researcher and activist for decades. John resume of resistance, real resistance, is long. Dates back to his teens really. His entire life was dedicated to exposing the inner workings of the Deep State and countering their endless barrage of propaganda.

“John Judge was a co-founder of 911 CitizensWatch, a grassroots watchdog group demanding transparency and a thorough investigation by the National Commission on Terrorist Acts Upon the United States. John was also a co-founder of Committee for an Open Archives, Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA), and the Committee for High School Options and Information on Careers, Education and Self-Improvement (CHOICES), a group countering military recruitment in the schools and providing civilian alternatives. John was on the board of the Washington Peace Center and was an activist opposing war, racism and militarism since the 1960s. John was an independent researcher and lecturer on political assassinations, covert operations, hidden history, and the rise of fascism in America, and made himself available as a speaker for presentations, forums, and media interviews” Radical (dot) org

John passed away in 2014 at the age of 66. Cynthia McKinney wrote this about John in 2012. It’s high praise coming from someone with as much character as she has:

“… John Judge is a researcher: inside John’s brain is a compendium of government policies, programs, and actions that have profoundly affected the way our government works. Ignorance of what John researches impedes the fullest exercise possible of citizenship in this country. Every U.S. citizen should be aware of what John researches. But because John is not a Member of the academy, and does not publish in academic journals, John Judge is perhaps one of the most important unknown historians of our generation…” Cynthia McKinney

Cynthia says in the video below:

“Assassination takes place all the time. Political assassination. Character assassination. And worse. And in just one reading of the Cointelpro papers, you can see all the different forms of political assassinations they use” Cynthia McKinney

How true is that? How relevant is it today as the red-baiting New McCarthyites scream new “Trump is owned by Russia!!!” propaganda daily?

You can find a record of some of John Judge’s writings, here.

“I agree with Ishmael Reed who says in Mumbo Jumbo, “The real history of the world is a history of competing conspiracies.” John J. Judge

Remarkably, he was so influential as a researcher and “conspiracy theorist”, John garnered a sort of obituary in the Washington Post when he passed away.

“Through years of investigation and activism, Mr. Judge developed a devoted following in the community of skeptics who question official or commonly accepted narratives of the past. He co-founded and directed the Coalition on Political Assassinations, an organization whose activities include investigating the deaths in the 1960s of John Kennedy, his brother Robert F. Kennedy, civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and black nationalist leader Malcolm X. News outlets, with some frequency, featured Mr. Judge and his work.

He turned his Washington home into a repository of thousands of volumes and documents on political assassinations and other matters, supporting himself over the decades through odd jobs and fundraising work. He was once described as a “professional conspiracist,” but he considered himself an “alternate historian,” according to his Web site,

“I tell people you can call me a conspiracy theorist if you call everyone else a coincidence theorist,” Mr. Judge quipped to the publication National Journal.” Washington Post

Unlike a lot of the so-called “alternative” researchers and activists out there today, John wasn’t former CIA or NSA or NASA or career military. In fact, he led a program to help young underprivileged kids find ways to plan their futures WITHOUT joining the army.

Why shoot Reagan? Because there are divisions within the class. Because the class is not monolithic. Because you ascend Bush into 6 terms.” John Judge

As far as I can tell, his life was dedicated to activism and research in pursuit of the better country and world so many of us envision.

“An avid public speaker, Judge never spoke about himself but rather, humbly retained a tireless devotion to the search for truth beyond the official government or mainstream media record. Until his final days, Judge was a seeker of truth and justice of the first order. He is irreplaceable in the annals of serious research and documentation.” Assassination of JFK

Below the fold there are 4 videos. The first three come from Assassination of JFK Youtube channel. The last is an open forum discussion with Cynthia McKinney.

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