Jimmy Dore AAAALLLMOST Figures out Bernie is a Sheepdogging DNC Shill… and then he doesn’t

by Scott Creighton

Hey. Wanna watch one wannabe sheepdog pretending to call out the aging sheepdog of the unDemocratic Party? That sounds fun, right?

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Sellouts Jimmy Dore and Greg Palast Push Sickening Establishment Propaganda About Stephen Paddock

He claims he knows him and WHY Paddock did it… BUT HE DOESN’T EVEN GET HIS F-IN NAME RIGHT!?! Calls him “Pollock”!

Palast says “Trump stole the election from Hillary” and offers a BS motive for Patsy Paddock’s rampage: class warfare (as in he was the underclass believe it or not)

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McResistance Fully Supporting Trump’s Bloated Military Budget (Jimmy Dore video)

Jimmy “On His Knees” Dore is a COMPLETE Sellout (AE video)

CBS Hosts Mock Bernie Sanders For Not Taking Wall Street Money (Jimmy Dore video)

Jimmy also manages to mention the fact that a real journalist would have asked Bernie why he’s backing the corrupt unDemocratic Party right now, knowing full well that it only serves Big Business and Big Banking. What he failed to mention was someone SHOULD have asked him how he could afford that nice new $600k lakeside cabin he just bought after sheepdogging for the Dems… but that’s OK. It’s still a good video.

Eva Bartlett Interviewed by Jimmy Dore

Putin Addressing Chemical Weapon Attack Using Logic & Facts