Jessie Ventura, Fake Truther, Shillin for Carlos Slim These Days

by Scott Creighton

From defending “global warming” to illegal immigration, there’s no globalist policy “truth-teller” Jessie Ventura wont back in his new role as an establishment mouthpiece.Yes. That’s a link to his “truth-telling” video featured prominently on the Huffington Post.

Still being featured regularly on Prison Planet with his friend Di$info Jone$, Jessie apparently has a video camera and a green-screen down there in that Mexican green-zone he lives in with his elitist friends he hangs out with.

His show is called “Off the Grid” and it appears on something called ORA.TV alongside two Larry King shows and a regular series with William Shatner drinking wine out of brown paper bags.

It’s no wonder he backs illegal immigration in this video below.

Ora TV is a television production studio and on-demand digital television network launched in 2012 by television host Larry King and funded by América Móvil, a business venture of Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim

On June 30 2015, Ora TV severed ties with American real estate tycoon Donald Trump. Arturo Elías Ayub, Slim’s son-in-law and chairman of Ora TV, called his remarks about undocumented immigrants racist and an insult

Yeah. Thanks for exposing yourself once again Jessie. (video after the break)

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In the Company of Laymen – BYU’s Latest Distraction Campaign: Steven Jones and the Telsa Demolition Machine “Thump Thump”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: I had joked earlier that almost every single demolition distraction theory makes an appearance in Fallout New Vegas including “mini-nukes“, “ray beams from space“, “C-4 charges“, and “thermite“. Well, it turns out that Steven Jones’ new distraction theory is also to be found in the popular video game. Say hi to “Thump Thump


Just a quick note.

Steven Jones’ “nanothermite” distraction is falling out of favor with the remaining Truth advocates so in a desperate attempt to keep them from testing for residues of the high explosives that were used to demolish the Twin Towers and Building 7, Steven has come out with a couple of new trial balloons to float in front of them to see if either of them resonate with the community.

First of all understand that Steven Jones is paid and paid well by neocon university BYU as per Steven’s own admission. Read the following for details of Jones’ admission that BYU financed and peer reviewed his “nanothermite” paper and then paid to have it published at the vanity press publishing house.

9/11 Truth Red Herring: Neoliberal BYU Has Financed, Staffed, and Peer-Reviewed Prof. Jones’ Flawed Thermite Distraction Since Day One

Also remember that BYU honored Dick Cheney in 2007 with an honorary doctorate around the same time they elevated Steven Jones to the position of Professor Emeritus. And then consider this statement from the then head of the Church of Latter Day Saints and BYU, their flagship university:

It may even be that [the Lord] will hold us responsible if we try to impede or hedge up the way of those who are involved in a contest with forces of evil and repression.”  Gordon B. Hinckley, 2003

Keep in mind that Gordon B. Hinckley and his family have a history with the Bush family and that before he left office, George W. Bush rewarded BYU with a massive 1.2 billion dollar NSA project to be built near BYU’s campus and staffed with many BYU graduates. Gordon B. Hinckley received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2004.

In view of these contributions to 9/11 research, my friend and fellow 9/11-researcher Kevin Ryan said “Hurray for BYU!” And I have to agree.” Steven Jones

It’s pretty hard to imagine that an institution that believes God will hold you responsible for hindering Bush’s “Global War on Terror”, would finance and support a leading Truth advocate and his “research”.

Unless of course, that Truth advocate is doing something else.

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Awww… Jesse “Osama’s Ray Beams From Space” Ventura is Quitting the Truth Movement (after he sells his next ghost written book of course)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: In related news, 9/11 Blogger, once the proud flagship of the real Truth movement, has gone full bore Cass Sunstein psyop. Once again, I knew and wrote about this transition quite a while ago and so have many other real Truth advocates, but this latest turn of 9/11 Blogger, where they openly advocate Dick Cheney’s official conspiracy theory of 19 angry Muslims and the gravitational collapse of the Twin Towers, has become all too obvious. Gone are the subtle attempts to draw Truth activists back into the fold of the official story like Cass Sunstein wrote in his now infamous “cognitive infiltration” outline plan. Now at Blogger they openly proclaim the official story as the correct one just like JREF or ScrewLooseChange or Fox News. 9/11 Blogger, TruthAction, 9/11 News, Pump It Out, Scholars for Truth, Jim Hoffman, and Jesse “Ray Beams” Ventura (with several others that are so obvious I don’t even need to take the time to list them).  The list just gets longer and longer. I guess Cass Sunstein’s operation has one serious budget.


I want to replace Hunter Thompson” Jesse “Delusional” Ventura

Jesse Ventura did an interview with Alex Jones via the phone from his Green Zone home in Mexico the other day. He seems to have had his feelings hurt because us big mean “truthers” (his word) gave him a hard time when he recently came out promoting the known disinfo specialist Judy Wood and her “ray beams from space” nutery. Jesse says that after his next book comes out he is going to stop talking about 9/11 altogether, I guess because us “truthers” are such a cruel den of vipers. That’ll teach us, huh?

Actually, this viper has been calling him out as a disinfo specialist since I saw his deliberately stupid TV show on the subject of 9/11.

After that stunning announcement, yesterday’s interview just dropped right off the edge of reality and plummeted into the cold, dark void of abject, talking bugs absurdity.  And I mean it really, really, really plummeted.

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Ventura Goes “Ray Beams from Space” While AJ Pushes “Mini-Nukes” – I See Your True Colors Shining Through…

by Scott Creighton

The planned implosion of the Truth movement is upon us and the contractors are setting their charges.

Well over a year ago, on Dec. 27th 2009 to be exact,  I wrote about Jesse Ventura being a fake “truther” in an article called “A Truth Advocate Reviews Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory 9/11“” (Above Top Secret had an interesting discussion of my review of Jesse’s work…”A Truther Debunks No SLAMS Jesse Ventura’s Show“).  His bullshit show on TruTV about 9/11 was full of some of the worst, most suspect characters the Truth movement has in it. It was designed to make us look bad. I said that from the start. I’ll find the link to my review of his pathetic show and put that up in a few minutes (edit. got it)

Fake Truth Ventura has done it again. This time he went on Alex Jones’ show and claimed that bin Laden should have been taken alive so that we could have figured out what kind of ray beam from space he used on the Twin Towers. He says it wasn’t controlled demolition but Osama bin Laden’s microwave weapons from space that took down the towers.

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Jessie Ventura Misrepresents the Truth Movement Again: This Time with Dwain Deets and the “Fly Over” Theory

by Scott Creighton

Where do I start with this one?

In Dec. of 2009, Jessie Ventura did one of his “Conspiracy Theory” shows on the 9/11 Truth movement. I reviewed his work in an article called “A Truth Advocate Reviews Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory – 9/11″ ” In that review I concluded that Ventura or his editors presented the weakest possible presentation of the mounds of evidence collected over the years by Truth researchers.

The other day, Ventura presented yet another of his backhanded hit pieces, this time on the question of what hit the Pentagon on Sept. 11th 2001.

The model for what Ventura is doing is pretty clear; he supposedly presents the case of the Truth advocates while actually making the evidence for the case look weak so that the general audiences look at it and wonders how the hell Truth advocates believe such ridiculous crap.

Let’s look at it, shall we?

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A Truth Advocate Reviews Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory – 9/11”

by Scott Creighton

1. “Something” isn’t always better than “nothing

Jesse Ventura’s new show on Trutv recently delved into the topic of the 9/11 Truth advocacy movement with less than favorable results.  Well, less than favorable for real Truth Advocates and citizen investigators like myself who have spent years researching and pouring though all kinds of officially released information from the RJ Lee study to NIST’s Building 7 report, technical diagrams, NTSB reports, collapse rate calculations, eye-witness reports, standard demolition procedures, and even some deliberate hogwash thrown in for distraction. For those of us who have actually WORKED to come to this conclusion reluctantly in an informed manner, Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory – 9/11” is not just a slap in the face, but it’s a knife in the back that spends ALL of its precious prime time doing everything it can to undermine our credibility.

For Jesse and his crew of “investigators” (his “staff” consists of nothing more than a group of producers from various tv shows, though Jesse and the show lists them as “investigative journalists” not a single one has a background in investigation or journalism for that matter) the show was a raving success.  They were able to smear the credibility of the Truth Movement while at the same time being hailed by another fake Truth advocate as “Groundbreaking 9/11 research”.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

This is not about ego nor is it about someone not doing the research that I “feel” they should have done. It’s about credibility; our credibility.  Jesse Ventura took a big time pay-check to deliberately and with full intent of purpose,  piss all over our collective credibility before retreating back to his comfortable beach house in Mexico.  No one could have put together a 9/11 Truth primer for mass consumption that bad, filled with that many gold digging flakes, by accident.  No one could have presented our side of the story that weakly unless they did so on purpose.  It’s impossible.  Theres too much REAL evidence out there that Jesse not only didn’t include in his production, but he didn’t even mention in passing.  Instead, he paraded flawed and downright contemptuous opportunists as if they were the base of our years of investigations and then did his level best to even further undermine their minimal credibility as the show progressed.

Jesse’s work must be listed with all the other examples of yellow journalism designed to undermine the credibility of the Truth movement.

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