So They Still Beat Horse Thieves in California

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The ten officers involved in this beating have been put on paid administrative leave pending the investigation. In short, they’re on a paid vacation.


A News Channel 4 video out of San Bernardino, California shows the final apprehension of 30-year-old Francis Jared Pusok and it’s not a pretty scene to watch.

Pusok was apparently being chased for a while for identity theft when he abandoned his vehicle and somehow ended up stealing a horse and heading out onto the open prairie.

That was apparently a really bad move on his part.

Not because cops love horses over there, no, it’s not that.

It’s that cops don’t like being forced to leave their air-conditioned cruisers to hoof it out in a foot chase across the prairie after a guy on a horse… and they don’t have a horse. That kinda pisses them off.

And you can tell it pisses them off when at the end of the chase and the guy lays down on the ground giving himself up, they all run over and take turns kicking him in the head or punching him in the head or hitting him with their batons or, as one did, kicking him in the balls.

They had such a field day beating this guy’s ass after he gave up, a couple of them had to be treated for dehydration. They plum wore themselves out opening their can of whop-ass on a defenseless man.

“I’m proud to be an American, cus at least I know I’m freeEEeeeEee…”

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