Forget Godzilla; Secretary Mothra is On The Case

by Scott Creighton

file photo of Sec. Mothra at the White House, Jan. 20th 2009

Now that the impression of the situation in Japan has been sufficiently raised to the level of a nuclear holocaust complete with  three-headed, flipper-handed babies roaming the Japanese countryside feeding on the brains of the stunned and irradiated population, the globalists technocrats are free to rush in and remake Japan in their own profit-margin generating image.

So who do they send to start-up their transformation process? Who else but Queen Neo-liberaladati herself, President Hillary Clinton, AKA “Mothra”, who is currently in Japan along with some business insiders spreading her special kind of sticky love-goo all over the Japanese people.

It’s a good thing the dissident sites are all over this one. ಠ_ಠ

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Mike Rivero’s Apocalyptic Fear Mongering Continues

by Scott Creighton

Remember back during the Gulf Spill crisis and each and every day Mike Rivero at What Really Happened had some new horrific prediction about how another valve was going to blow out or poison gas leaking from the blown well-head blowing on shore in Florida killing everything that moves? He ended up, before it was all over, going on and on about the oil cavity under the Gulf of Mexico collapsing and the mighty tidal wave of 80 feet or more wiping us poor Floridians off the map like so many fire ants on my front stoop last week. He had my poor 70 year old mother so terrified of being drowned like a rat she wanted to pack up and flee for destinations unknown.

Never happened. Not “what really happened” but “what never happened”.

As bad as the truth about the BP oil spill was and IS… Mike seemed quite happy to make it seem worst than it was or could ever have been.

Mike also has a policy on his “radio show” of cutting people off who happen to talk about “what really happened” at the Pentagon.

It appears Mike’s opinion is that “what really happened” is exactly what the Pentagon says happened and if you even hint at anything else, he’ll hang up on you.

Because,it seems, “what really happened’ can’t stand up to open debate, apparently. Which, oddly, is the same position that Shyam Sunder of NIST takes.

Well, Mike is at it again.

In spite of the plethora of good news trickling out of Japan regarding their nuclear power plant, old Doomsday Mike is literally spouting more end-times prognostications about “Burn Throughs” in Japan. In one frame of his video on the front page of his website today, Mike has the words “Nuclear Apocalypse in Japan” in bold bold white superimposed over a Geiger counter. Then a quick flash of what, I guess, is supposed to be a burning Japanese skyline. It’s comical actually.

Think I’m bullshitting you? Here’s a screenshot of what Mike Rivero produced and is putting up on his site today…

Is this What Really Happened?

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Breathless Fear Mongering Over Japan Continues

by Scott Creighton

You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. What I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff

a large enough crisis may shock otherwise reluctant policy makers into instituting productivity enhancing reforms.” Michael Bruno, Chief Economist World Bank

Yesterday it was reported that Graham Andrew, a senior official at the International Atomic Energy Agency, announced that though the situation at the Fukushima Daiichi plant was bad, it had not gotten worse since the day before in spite of reports from various politicos in Japan’s neoliberalized government to the contrary. Well, that just won’t do for the crisis junkies as that they need to cultivate this situation as best they can for their pure profit motives.  So, this morning we are facing a new report from yet another Japanese neoliberal yes man making even more disastrous claims. However, those claims don’t stand up to the light of day.

Here a few of this morning’s breathless headlines…

This is what Graham Andrew said late yesterday:

“The current situation at the Fukushima Daiichi plant remains very serious … [but] there has been no significant worsening since yesterday,” Graham Andrew, IAEA

And this is what is being “reported” today with huge attention grabbing headlines shouting DANGER DANGER DANGER!:

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No. It’s NOT “Worse than Chernobyl”… Just Stop it

by Scott Creighton

Oh No! The Apocilips!

I am tired of people running around acting like it’s the end of the world if they don’t get their iodine pills and duct tape. Look, yes it’s radiation and yes, you don’t want to stick your head in the microwave.  But folks, let’s put this into perspective… it’s NOT worse than Chernobyl. No way, no shape, no how.  So stop it.

The IAEA is putting out constant updates about radiation levels at the Daiichi site.  This is what their latest updates state;

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Japan Updates

by Scott Creighton

In the wake of the earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan, misery reaches to nearly every corner of the world.  25-year-old Dustin Weber was dragged out to sea from the mouth of a river in California yesterday.  He was rebooting his life after drug addition claimed his teen years. The tsunami surge generated in Japan rolled in and took Dustin back out with it.

The scope of the tragedy in Japan is unfathomable.  Ten thousand people are missing or reported dead already and Japan is already out of body bags and coffins.  They are saying that this is the worst crisis in Japan since we fire bombed 60 wooden Japanese cities and then followed that up by dropping two nuclear weapons just to see which kind provided a better bang for the buck.

It’s sad when the brutal ravages of mother nature play second fiddle to man’s inhumanity to man.

Another reactor seems to have blown up and the problems facing Japan seem to be getting worse.  Japanese officials are now reporting that fuel rods are now exposed in reactor #3.

Oddly, in an example of how controlled the “free markets” really are, in order to stem the crippling effects of the drop in the international markets due to this tragedy, oil prices just HAPPENED to drop today.  How convenient for all those stock-holders. The drop in oil prices will certainly curtail some of the stock price losses that are already mounting all across the world.

This is the best image I have seen thus far from this event. I wanted to share it with you.  I’ll leave it at that.

8.9 Eathquake Hits Japan Tsunami Follows – Vidoes

“7th largest recorded earthquake in history. Other 6 weren’t in as populated areas.”

Watch al Jazeera’s live coverage, here.

(more videos after the break)

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