The Nunes Memo and FISA Section 702: The Nunes Conundrum

While folks clamor to #ReleaseTheMemo , Devin Nunes’ “fix” to FISA Section 702 is anything but. As the official government (the ELECTED government) is shut down, the Deep State wins again.

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Watch Lester Holt Lie to the President of the United States Repeatedly During his Interview

by Scott Creighton

(A video of the extended version of interview can be found at the end of this article)

The big takeaway from this interview according to the complicit press, is that President Trump admitted he intended to fire FBI Director James Comey even before meeting with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. They have harped on this all night saying it’s “proof” that Trump lied and is grounds for us all to panic because it is clearly yet another constitutional crisis.

That is bullshit. Yes, he intended to fire Comey. What he said in the short letter was that he received Rosenstein’s and Sessions’ recommendation and decided to fire him. Just because he wanted to fire him in the first place does not mean he’s lying about what happened. He did receive the letters of recommendation to fire Comey and he did fire him.

His personal opinion prior to that is a given. He didn’t HAVE to take their recommendation and act on it. He is the president and it is his choice. So clearly, he agreed with them even prior to the letters.

Again, don’t know how many times I can say this… I am NOT a fan of Donald Trump. However, I am a fan of not letting the complicit media undermine our democracy… such as it is.

The president of the United States gave Lester Holt an interview yesterday on the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Lester Holt was less than cordial. No matter what Trump talked about, he kept bringing the conversation back to the Russia investigation. Over and over again, he asked questions about that, even bringing up Trump’s tweets.

At around the 6:10 mark in the interview Trump says if Russia did something to the election he wants to know about it and Lester, condescendingly looks at the president and says “Well, there’s already intelligence from virtually every intelligence agency that, yes, that happened

What Mr. Holt is doing is parroting the misinformation regarding the Jan. 6th “intelligence report” on Russia’s involvement in our past election. This is what everyone says came from “all 17 intelligence agencies”

James Clapper mentioned it the other day during his testimony before congress.

“As you know, the I.C. was a coordinated product from three agencies; CIA, NSA, and the FBI not all 17 components of the intelligence community. Those three under the aegis of my former office… The two dozen or so analysts for this task were hand-picked, seasoned experts from each of the contributing agencies.” James Clapper

Clapper was deliberately putting to rest the myth fabricated by the complicit media that all 17 intelligence agencies came to the same conclusion about Russia hacking our election. In fact, it was only 3… the DHS actually said they didn’t stand by any of the conclusions in the report (which has been stricken in the newest version)

this report is provided “as is” for informational purposes only. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information contained within.”

… and in fact, it was only about 20 agents who prepared the report.

Three is not “virtually all” of 17 last I checked.

After Trump responded appropriately to Lester’s bullshit about all the agencies backing that ridiculous report (and it was ridiculous… 4 pages of it dealt with various RT news broadcasts) Lester then asks him “Were you angry with James Comey when he went public and said he can’t support your unsubstantiated charges of wiretapping, that your predecessor wiretapped you?

To clarify…

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The Deep State Unleashes the Complicit Media Over Comey Firing… but why?

by Scott Creighton

Let’s start off with this: James Comey Fired for Lying to Congress About Anthony Weiner Laptop (yes, it was the backup)

Today on Morning Joe they started with an unusual mood on their set. The happy couple of Mika and Joe were sour-faced and serious when usually they start with an upbeat tone, laughing and joking with with their gaggle of Mockingbird yes-men gathered around the table. Joe scolded the president with his opening diatribe and then, like that stupid commercial about “winning in business” suggests, he whipped off his $1,000 designer nerd glasses and used the arm to point accusingly at the camera for emphasis. It could have looked powerful and dramatic if you’re a high school thespian maybe but for the rest of us adults in the room it made Scarborough look like the overly dramatic propagandist for the Deep State that he really is.

Mika sat next to him frowning. Aw. Big meanie Trump makes Mika cry. Won’t SOMEBODY think of Mika!?! What about her globalist daddy’s NEEDS!?!

Clearly not on the same dire page as the rest of the hens, Mark Halprin sat in his chair smiling at first like he always does at the opening of the … show. The camera panned over him, smiling, and you could see someone must have been yelling in his ear from the production room and his smile quickly faded to a scowl to blend in with the somber mood the pack was trying to set for their audience’s morning.

And yes, they were quick to say, multiple times, over and over again, that this was a real “constitutional crisis”… just like all the other “constitutional crises” they have claimed since Trump took office. What’s the count up to now? 50?

There you go viewers. Take that to work with you and be afraid, be very afraid. The Donald has lost his mind and is out of control!

Of course, had Hillary been elected president and fired James Comey, that would have been perfectly fine.

The Morning Joe puppets had a pile of papers on their table in front of them, like untraceable slush-fund cash at a Clinton Foundation planning meeting or like Di$info Jone$ when he screeches “I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS!!!”

So let’s take a look at all those documents littering Joe and Mika’s table of disinfo and see if there is a there there… because I don’t think there is.

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The CIA’s Manufactured Hero “Edward Snowden” Condemns #ComeyFiring

by Scott Creighton

He’s hip, he’s in your face, he’s a high-school drop-out, an Army washout, a college security guard turned super spy… and he’s the poster child for “freedom”… and he’s a manufactured hero, former and current CIA creation, “Edward Snowden” and he thinks we all have to “come together” to condemn the firing of a guy who lied to congress making up a story about Huma forwarding emails to her pedophile husband and then lied some more when asked why he wasn’t going to prosecute her. James Comey did all that so he could protect Hillary Clinton some more… while she was making ready her destabilization NGO called “Onward Together!”

A Coup at the FBI: James Comey Fired for Lying to Congress About Anthony Weiner Laptop (yes, it was the backup)

by Scott Creighton (Happy Birthday to Me…)

The fake left are beside themselves this morning ranting about President Trump’s firing of the man Hillary Clinton said just last week caused her to lose the election. In no uncertain terms, Hillary said in an interview that had the election been held on Oct. 27th 2016, she would have won. FBI Director James Comey made his announcement about the Weiner laptop emails on Oct. 28th.

And now, here we are, less than a week later and the fake left is outraged that the man Hillary says cost her the election has been fired for mishandling the Clinton investigation.

Talk about Bizarro World.

On the surface, that is a hard one to understand but if you dig a little deeper you find, like most other things, it makes perfect sense.

They are terrified of what Trump and associates got their hands on in the wake of the coup at the FBI: the back-up laptop.

I guess Killary shouldn’t have been so smug when she announced her destabilization NGO the other day in her interview.

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Trump fires FBI Director James Comey

from RT

President Donald Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey at the recommendation of US Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, according to a White House announcement.

“The FBI is one of our Nation’s most cherished and respected institutions and today will mark a new beginning for our crown jewel of law enforcement,” said President Trump.

“While I greatly appreciate you informing me on three separate occasions that I am not under investigation,” Trump told Comey in a letter, he was recommending the firing nonetheless.

A search for a new permanent FBI Director will begin immediately…

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FBI Agents Say Comey ‘Stood In The Way’ Of Clinton Email Investigation

by Kerry Picket

FBI agents say the bureau is alarmed over Director James Comey’s decision to not suggest that the Justice Department prosecute Hillary Clinton over her mishandling of classified information.

According to an interview transcript given to The Daily Caller, provided by an intermediary who spoke to two federal agents with the bureau last Friday, agents are frustrated by Comey’s leadership.

“This is a textbook case where a grand jury should have been convened, but was not. That is appalling,” an FBI special agent who has worked public corruption and criminal cases said of the decision. “We talk about it in the office and don’t know how Comey can keep going.”

The agent was also surprised that the bureau did not bother to search Clinton’s house during the investigation.

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