Israel demolishes another EU-funded school

from Electronic Intifada

Israeli occupation forces demolished two school buildings in the Abu Nuwwar community on 4 February, located in the so-called E1 area of the occupied West Bank, east of Jerusalem.

The destruction leaves more than 25 children in the third and fourth grades without a place to learn.

“The demolition of educational buildings is one of the means Israel uses in its attempt to expel Palestinian communities from their homes, so that it can concentrate the residents in enclaves and use the territory for its own needs,” the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem stated

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New York Times Erases Palestinian West Bank from Map

from TeleSUR

As Israeli government mulls the annexation of the Palestinian occupied territory of the West Bank, the New York Times and a local Israeli newspaper seem to embrace the potential plans by removing the West Bank from the map while only naming Israel and the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

According to Electronic Intifada website, the map was included in the print version of an article about secret Israeli airstrikes in Egypt, which are approved by the government of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. The article was published on Feb. 3, according to the website.

Meanwhile, the online version of the article did not include the same map but a photo attached with it shows Israeli Prime Minister speaking at an event for the Jerusalem Post with a map behind him that also omits the West Bank from a map showing only Israel and Gaza.

“One possible conclusion is that Netanyahu and The Jerusalem Post are promoting a future in which some two million Palestinians are squeezed into a Gaza Strip bantustan while even more Palestinians in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) are forced into a greater Israel in which they may or may not have voting rights,” Michael F. Brown wrote for Electronic Intifada…

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Israel’s Ministry of Truthiness Unveils Big Brother System to Attack Antisemitism Online

Israel announced a new program to make sure we all got our minds right online. The definition they use for “antisemitism” is worth taking a look at.

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Meet the spies injecting Israeli propaganda into your news feed

by Asa Winstanley from Electronic Intifada

When Sima Vaknin-Gil took over as director-general of Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs at the start of 2016, a crucial fact went largely unnoticed.

For years, she had been a high-ranking officer with an Israeli spy agency.

This means that for the last two years a former intelligence officer has been running Israel’s global war against BDS, the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

Her ministerial boss is Gilad Erdan, a key ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

They were last month revealed to have spent huge sums creating anti-BDS propaganda targeting social media and news media.

It should be a big wake up call to all defenders of free speech and human rights when a peaceful civil society campaign is targeted by spy agencies responsible for hacking, torture, kidnapping and murder in Palestine and around the world…

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Crime Minister: Anti-Netanyahu protest grips Tel Aviv (Ruptly video)

Around 3000 of Israeli protesters marched for the sixth consecutive week in Tel Aviv on Saturday, demanding that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu resigns over corruption allegations. Protesters shouted slogans “Bibi go home!” and “Corporate power, organized crime” while carrying placards denouncing the government.

Some “Jews” Just Aren’t Ready to Give Up on Greater Kurdistan Project

by Scott Creighton

Over at the Nov. 22, 2017 headline read:

Several prominent Jews join organization supporting Kurdistan’s independence

Over at JTA someone named Liphshiz wrote:

New Jewish group supports independence for Kurdistan

Yes, it seems some “Jews” are not quite ready to give up on the Greater Kurdistan project in spite of the fact that:

  • the Russians, Iranians, Lebanese and Syrians have put the kabash on the “Rojava” project in Syria
  • the Turks will declare all out war with anyone to keep them from busting off a piece of their country for GK
  • the Iraqis have made it pretty clear they want to keep their nation whole as well
  • and Barzani has been outed from power after his rigged referendum in Iraq
  • most Kurds in these four countries at play here would rather remain citizens of their home countries than be forced to live in Greater Kurdistan

This new project is called the Jewish Coalition for Kurdistan (JCFK) and it was formed around Nov. 20th or so of this year. Well after it was pretty clear the Greater Kurdistan project had crashed and burned.

Wanna know why? Here’s one reason.

Remember back when I wrote about how “ISIS” was stealing Syrian oil and shipping it down to “Iraqi Kurdistan” so they could sell it cheap to Israel? I found this image on the JCFK website front and center. Yep. Cheap oil is a biggie for Israel.

Another reason is that Israel has a long connection to the Kurds especially with the corrupt Barzani clan. Years ago I wrote about that connection and how everyday Kurdish people living in Iraq were no happier with their corrupt Kurdish leadership than they were living under our puppets installed after Shock and Awe 2003. In fact one of them was even talking about how odd it was because it seems all the money and jobs were going to Americans and Israelis in “Iraqi Kurdistan” while they were worse off than they were before.

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Army’s Air Defense intercepts Israeli missile aggression on a military site in Damascus countryside

from SANA

The army’s air defense at midnight confronted an Israeli attack with ground-to-ground missiles (GGM) on one of the military sites in Damascus countryside.

Informed sources told SANA Saturday that the Israeli enemy launched at 12, 30 am (local time) a number of GGM against one of the military sites in Damascus countryside, adding that the Syrian air defense intercepted them and destroyed two of them.

The Israeli aggression caused material damage to the site, according to the sources.

On October 16th, the army Air Defense intercepted Israeli aircrafts which penetrated the Syrian airspace near the Lebanese borders and directly hit one of them.

The Israeli entity is closely linked to the terrorist organizations in Syria. The army has repeatedly found Israeli weapons inside the terrorists’ hideouts, particularly in Jub al-Jarrah, al-Mayadeen and Khan al-Sheeh areas.