CBC’s Evan Solomon Ambushes Pakistani Political Opposition Leader Imran Khan

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: To put this in a current events context, Canada and Israel have called for the resignation of UN investigator Richard Falk due to his report which details Israel’s violations of international law in Gaza and the West Bank and his suggestion that civil society and UN nations boycott businesses profiting from the results of those violations in the West Bank and East Jerusalem which are occupied territories. Canada has really taken a turn for the worse.

The thread running through Solomon’s ambush is a familiar one. What he is apparently doing is attempting to dismiss Khan because of the inherent threat the man presents and that is that he will promote a new independent nationalism in Pakistan, a step away from the master, the U.S., and it’s Vichy nations like Canada for instance. Independent nationalism is terrorism in the eyes of the Global War on Terror apologists. They are one and the same but only you can’t say that. But it is the truth. Has been for quite some time.

Watch the video of the interview at the end of this article and tell me what you think.


You have to see this. CBC’s Evan Solomon launches an ambush on a highly popular political opposition leader from Pakistan Imran Khan on live TV. He has a bunch of disinformation accusations he levels at Khan right off the bat and even prepped some quotes taken out of context to back up his allegations. He even tries to beat Khan over the head with the Malala psyop. Khan handles it very well indeed.

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