#IdleNoMore: How to destroy a movement

(An good series of articles by Rob over at Conspiracy HQ talking about how a good, positive movement, the Idle No More movement, seems to have been hijacked from within and marginalized by using self-defeating rhetoric which draws a line between them and the population at large. Sound like something going on here in the states? I did an interview with Rob last night on his podcast series. Was a lot of fun. Will be posting a link to it this afternoon.)

by Rob Daven, Conspiracy HQ

… The Harper Government has been trying to turn public opinion against the movement and it seems like he has been able to do so.

… Terms like “The Lease Is Up!” have been thrown in the face of non-aboriginal Canadians, making the rest of us feel quite offended at such a statement.   Some families (my own included) have been here for 5 or 6 generations, so when do we “count” as native dwellers of this land?

It was almost like they entered on cue.   Just as the Canadian majority was starting to support the #IdleNoMore movement, the Chiefs moved in and totally destroyed most popular sentiment from the Canadian populace.

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