Notes from the Powerless in Tampa (AE video)

UPDATE: It’s now 4:35pm and we have electricity. It came back on about 30 minutes or so ago. Thank you all for your concern. A/C feels great. We’re doing OK.

I have been away for about a week. Down here in Tampa there is no power in my home. Been like this since Sunday, 6:00pm. Today is Friday and it’s about 1pm. Just want you to know what’s going on and why I haven’t been posting. Still alive. Still here. Hoping for some relief sometime soon. Take care folks.

If you want to help and can, here’s my Paypal address. Anything would be helpful. Thanks and I will be back as soon as I can

Irma Update from Tampa: “So Far So Good”

by Scott Creighton

As I write this, Irma has been downgraded to a Cat 2 and is still somewhere over Naples. Already here in Tampa we are seeing pretty good gusts of wind up to 50mph and sporadic rain. One of my neighbors took off to go ride it out with his sister but the rest are still here in the neighborhood with us.

Irma’s heading due north at about 14mph and is expected to be here late Sunday / early Monday morning. They are saying she will still be a hurricane by time she gets up here but I figure if she says over land, more likely, she’ll be a tropical storm by then since the eye is already collapsing.

It looks like Miami has already seen the worst of it and I hope there are few casualties. As bad as it was, by making landfall where she did, Irma saved a bunch of lives over there. Had she hit them directly as a Cat 4 or worse, it would have been very, very bad.

We have not seen the worst of it yet here in Tampa. However, since it made landfall where it did, we were spared a bit as well. I was worried about earlier predictions and projected plots that had it bumping along on the west coast and making landfall at the mouth of the Hillsborough bay and that would have been very bad as well.

Right now the only damage to my happy hovel is some branches are down and a tree fell a little while ago in the back yard. It missed the fence and the house so we’re lucky.. so far.

My little feral homeless cat I’ve been feeding is sitting on my neighbor’s carport looking at me through the window asking “WTF is this?” but he seems alright for now.

No neighbors have suffered any structural damage as of yet. None that I can see anyway.

I will be up later when it hits for real, as much of it that’s left by then, so I will try to give you guys another update then if TECO hasn’t gone belly-up.

It’s like that joke about the guy who fell off a 20 story building. A guy on the tenth floor heard him say “So far so good” as he passed by the window.

Well… so far so good.

Oh yeah, by the way, the Redskins suck again this year. So, life goes on I suppose.

On that note, a couple years ago a guy came down here to perform during the Half-time show of the Super Bowl. It was raining but that didn’t bother him. He played live. Not some pre-recorded, auto-tuned bullshit we see time and time again with such big shows that are broadcast live. His name was Prince and he’s no longer here. But I thought it would be fitting to have a listen to what I believe is the first live performance (or at least the earliest recorded performance) of the closing song he performed that night. Seems fitting.

When I was a junior in high school, Prince was a favorite of mine. This video is from some little venue in 1983 that same year.

Notes from the End Times: Doomed IRMAcalypse Victim Says “See you on the other side”

Is that click-baitey enough?

Thanks for all the well wishes and support. Will see you when TECO gets around to fixing the power in my neighborhood.

Do me a favor and bash the trolls for me till then. Take care of yourselves.

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uh… you can’t so what’s the point?

Tucker Carlson Helps Eric Prince Promote His Katrina Plan for a Post Irma Florida

Image result for blackwater mercenaries new orleans

Tucker Carlson had Eric Prince on last night to help him promote YET ANOTHER profit making opportunity, namely, sending his ruthless mercenaries into Florida in the wake of Hurricane Irma so they could “help” like they “helped” the poor people of New Orleans in the wake of Katrina. Tucker also had Prince on recently helping him promote his “new East India Trading Company” idea for Afghanistan. This is SICKENING. Disaster profiteering and historical revisionism of the worst kind from Prince and obviously Tucker Carlson. Despicable. I hope to God people protest outside Tucker’s studio or boycott his advertisers until they fire his ass.

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What if I told you there is a growing possibility Irma misses the Florida peninsula completely?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Irma has slowed considerably in both moving speed and wind speed. Looks like she is now a Cat. 3 and still on the northern coast of Cuba moving due West.

11:00 AM EDT Sat Sep 9
Location: 22.8°N 79.8°W
Moving: W at 9 mph
Min pressure: 941 mb
Max sustained: 125 mph

I know the doom-porners will get mad at me and I will probably get an earful about how it’s better to have people over-react than get hammered by hurricane Irma without any preparation at all… however, that said… it seems like a steadily growing possibility that she doesn’t make landfall on the Florida peninsula at all.

Early Friday morning I wrote in part:

As slow as she is moving I fully expect Irma’s path to continue to deviate before hitting us down here. Some models suggest it could make landfall in Cuba and then get pushed out into the Gulf and make it all the way up to the Panhandle before landing again.

If it continues on that westward track, Irma could pass the tip of Florida and make way in the warm waters of the Gulf before heading north and God only knows what it will be by time it lands where ever it lands.

I wrote that because Irma’s been tracking further and further westward for the past three days (as I showed in that article) and at the time of writing that, there were two lesser known models that predicted she would bounce around on Cuba and head out into the Gulf missing the tip of Florida completely.

Right now the updated spaghetti model map a NUMBER of them projecting this result.

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Irma UPDATES – Look Out Swamp People! (AE video)

No, I’m not a weather website and no, I’m not getting into disaster porn. But since Irma is tracking closer and closer to my happy little hovel and my furry family, I thought I would give you guys an update.

The rich folks on South Beach may have gotten a reprieve but for me and the swamp people, shit just got REAL.

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Irma UPDATES – Look Out Swamp People!

by Scott Creighton

No, I’m not a weather website and no, I’m not getting into disaster porn. But since Irma is tracking closer and closer to my happy little hovel and my furry family, I thought I would give you guys an update.

First of all, Irma has been downgraded to a Cat. 4 with sustained wind-speed at 155mph. It’s also slowing so the estimated landfall time in Florida has been pushed back to Sat. night around 8pm or so.

It’s tracking just north of Cuba and is expected to make some kind of landfall there in the next few hours.

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