Exploiting Harvey: Sessions Cites “Superficial Concerns” to Justify End of Posse Comitatus

Jeff Sessions went off the deep end (hee hee) saying we need to undo restrictions on 1033 program in order to help folks in Texas get to dry land. Last time I checked a grenade launcher was NOT a flotation device. I could be wrong but I don’t think I am.

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Exploiting Harvey: Jeff Sessions says Hurricane Harvey Is Proof We Need To Militarize Our Police Forces

(The restrictions Obama put in place after allowing the transfer of such military equipment for 7 years, involves the following items: grenade launchers, armored vehicles and bayonets. Does anyone want to explain to me how grenade launchers and bayonets would have helped people in Houston get to higher ground? Apparently Sessions is from the “never let a good crisis go to waste” school of thought.)

from TechDirt

Earlier this week, we wrote about Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions bringing back the Defense Department’s 1033 program, which helped militarize local police forces with surplus military equipment. We’ve been covering all sorts of problems with the 1033 program over the years, and people like Radley Balko have written entire books on the problem. And the previous ban on the 1033 only put a fairly narrow limit on the practice of militarizing police — but now even those modest limits are gone.

What’s truly incredible, however, is the complete nonsense being used to justify this. Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a speech about this on Monday, in which he trotted out his standard misleading and out-of-context stats, falsely claiming that there’s some massive new crimewave across the country, when there’s really just been a tiny bump after decades of decline in crime rates (the use of percentages by Sessions shows the he likely knows the absolute numbers are so meaningless that he has to mislead with percentages working off a small base).

But, even with the usual misleading claims about violence and violence directed towards police, I still never expected him to… point to Houston and the impact of Hurricane Harvey as a reason for increased police militarization. But that’s exactly what he did:

Those restrictions went too far. We will not put superficial concerns above public safety. All you need to do is turn on a tv right now to see that for Houstonians this isn’t about appearances, its about getting the job done and getting everyone to safety.

Wait. Law enforcement in Houston needs surplus military equipment to rescue people? Last I’ve seen it’s been tons of good hearted people using boats of all kinds going around and rescuing people. I don’t see much need for military equipment…

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Naomi Klein Says Don’t be Shy About Exploiting Hurricane Harvey to Push GLOBAL WARMING (boo) Agenda

UPDATE: Audio cuts out at 27:30 mark or thereabouts. Don’t know why. I keep checking mute button while making videos so it’s something else. But I left it up because it’s still a good video… just a little shorter than I planned.

Naomi Klein forgets to mention the real threat of Disaster Capitalism sprouting up in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. But she does say folks shouldn’t be shy about exploiting the tragedy to push her pet project, the globalists’ Global Warming (boo) scam.

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What is the Difference Between Harvey Victims and the “Invisible Silent Minorities That Everyone is Happy to Ignore”?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: To my point: on my own website where I have 1,100 subscribers and folks come here looking for insight and analysis on a daily basis, this article has been viewed less than 100 times since publication which means far less than 100 people have even bothered to read it. Were I to have spent my time writing about the Awan scandal or Trump “collaborating” with Putin banks or the Russian mob or some other dumb shit, I would have seen 5,000 page views yesterday, easy. The article has a total of 2 comments… and one is from my mother. I guess the invisible silent minorities aren’t click-bait these days. As I showed in the earlier update, when even the fake “socialist” Bernie Sheepdog Sanders doesn’t seem to give a shit about us, I guess no one does. Sad.

(see update at end of article)

I do not begrudge Harvey’s victims their sympathy. I chide. Like that nagging voice in the back of your head I say we can and should do better for ALL OF the least of our brothers in their ongoing time of need.

As it appears my appeal to the SSA ODAR office has failed and I will soon find myself without any form of healthcare (my successful appeal for Medicaid is contingent upon the SSA appeal), income or hope for either in the future, I have become truly despondent but curiously more acutely aware of the suffering of others around me. Funny how that works isn’t it?

As Hurricane Harvey subsides and the waters drain away, thousands of people left in it’s wake have lost almost everything they had. Almost everything that is. Some things were piled up above the water level. Some lived on the second floor of apartment buildings. Some simply moved prized possessions to the second floor of their home. Those who had a second floor on their homes.

But many others have lost nearly everything and it is a tragedy repeated thousands of times this past weekend. A horrible, personal tragedy for so many people caught in the path of something larger than themselves with no power to avoid it, no hope to escape.

Much of the media coverage over the past day or so has focused on the heroic, loving response of strangers to this crisis. And understandably so. At a time when everyone seemed to be pulling apart from each other, mainly thanks to the complicit media fueling that divide, this event has shown us what the complicit media seems at least for the moment to be holding up in the highest regard: man’s decency to his fellow man.

You can’t watch a segment on ESPN without being informed of various billionaires and their companies donating this million dollars and that million dollars to the Harvey Relief Fund.

Celebrities are busy writing huge checks, patting themselves on the backs for doing it and making sure their publicists inform the public of the “heartfelt generosity” their clients have shown to folks caught up in this tragedy.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad too see such reporting and the reaction from the billionaires and companies and various multi-millionaires who get paid so disproportionately to the services they provide this country. It’s nice too see someone care, even if it’s done for, shall we say, less than altruistic reasons.

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Exaggerating Harvey: Why Disaster Capitalists Say It’s a “500 Year Storm”

UPDATE: To my point… the author of Disaster Capitalism, Naomi Klein, has gone on Democracy NOW! to talk about hurricane Harvey. You think she talked about all the disaster capitalism that was practiced in the wake of Katrina and Haiti and all the rest trying to warn folks we have to be concerned about that? No. She says it’s WRONG to NOT POLITICIZE tragedies like Harvey and why all the media SHOULD be USING THE MOMENT to talk about… GLOBAL WARMING (boo). Yep. She says no one is saying GLOBAL WARMING (boo) CAUSED Harvey, but she is talking a bunch of gobbly gook about how it is the “accelerant” that made it worse. She says the oil industry is an “accelerant”, poverty is an “accelerant”, racism is an “accelerant”.

But she uttered not a word on the technocrats who are moving in as we speak looking to profit from the chaos and ironically, she herself was literally saying folks should USE this moment to advance their cause of GLOBAL WARMING (BOO)… heck, kind of like she herself is a neoliberal technocrat (did you guys know just how financially invested Goldman Sachs is in GLOBAL WARMING (BOO)?)

In no way is this intended to diminish the suffering of the people effected by hurricane Harvey but I have to remind folks and warn them of the vultures who look to profit from every crisis in the wake of such events and the larger the crisis, the greater the profit.

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