My Policy on the Discussion of the Holocaust

by Scott Creighton

I have noticed that some commenters here keep bringing up the holocaust regardless of the topic of the thread I have posted. So I figured I would post my feelings on the subject as a sort of policy statement. I first posted an earlier version of this as a comment but I figure this will be more easily accessible as a post. It is not specifically directed at anyone. It is simply what I feel about the subject.

I’m going too say this about the Holocaust and that is it. And for the record, let’s not turn every thread into a chat about how “true” the holocaust was, shall we?

Many Jewish people ended up in the forced labor camps. Probably more than any other single religion and yes, they were selected because they were Jewish.

But WHY is the question and the answer is simple… because back then, Jews were by and large a left leaning religion who were by a disproportionate rate, teachers, lawyers, doctors and writers.

They were influential. Left leaning “thought” and community leaders. So of course they were targeted by the fascist regime.

But they weren’t the first targeted which is an important distinction in terms of historical understanding and current events.

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