Gray State: The Rise is Pure Ayn Randian Neoliberal Globalist Propaganda (period)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: When I first wrote about the circumstances surrounding the alleged murder of the director and his family, I mentioned how the film’s “Second American Revolution” slogan reminded me of Adam Kokesh and his previous psyop attempt. Turns out, this infomercial repeated features Kokesh.

UPDATE: The first version I posted of this “film” has been taken down due to copyright violation. The claim was put in by Thomas Edward Rice and I believe I saw his name credited with one of the songs played during the film. He claims here that he did some of the soundtrack for the film. I found another copy and replaced it.


When people give money to Bill Gates or Sam Walton, he’s not taking it from you. You’re getting something in return. You’re getting a service, you’re getting a product. There is an organization that does take money from you and that’s the government” Gray State: Rise of Billionaire Hero Worship

Osama bin Laden killed 4,000 people on 9/11. He has paid for that. he’s dead” Gray State: Rise of Sunstein Disinfo

Yes, the fake disinformation sites like Prison Planet and others are finally tipping their hands and showing us all what so many have known and said for years: they are nothing more than Cass Sunstein cognitive infiltration operations designed to make you love what it is that is enslaving you.

Someone just left a comment letting me know that the film Gray State: The Rise has been released in a rough cut version. You might recall the director of this “film” (read as “2 hour commercial for neoliberal globalist ideology”) turned up dead supposedly along with his wife and child in rather suspicious circumstances. That was just a few days ago. Perfect timing for the release of this infomercial for Ayn Randian “let them eat cake” idolatry.

I’ve only watched 5 minutes of the thing and it is absolutely sickening.

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