Neoliberal Silverspooner Gina Rinehart Want’s a Northern Australia “Economic Zone” Where they Can Pay Workers < $2.00 a Day

by Scott Creighton

Africans want to work for less than two dollars per day because if they don’t we call them “extremists” and we shoot them in the face. We need Australians like that. A lot of them. I make 2 million dollars an hour. Suck on that. I’m rich cus I was smart and was born to a wealthy daddy who molested me when he got drunk. So let’s get the little darkies up north and make ’em work for peanuts while we hold Roman orgies and build pyramids to our greatness” and artist’s impression of Gina Rinehart’s humanitarian video

Oh yeah. The billionaires are ready to bring the pain baby. We gotta compete on that all important Global Market! It’s globalization my friends and billionaires just can’t get enough of it. Race to the bottom for the useless eaters class!

Here is a video mash-up of a few of the highlights of her little discussion which I also put below. You can see from it, she is all upset that the fortune she inherited being the only  child of a billionaire Ayn Rand caricature is about to stop growing at the growth rate she sees as potentially just waiting in Northern Australia… once their government gets off their lazy asses and makes slave labor legal again.

“Africans will work for less than $2 a day!? You hear that? We gotta get us some of that shit! We need like a trade zone or something. You know, like they got in Haiti?!”

“Just think of all those savages sitting around in the north getting drunk and cashing dole checks. Think of each one as a little, hairy, foul-smelling, thick-lipped ATM machine and we got the only cash cards!”

“We can do it! We just have to learn from our apartheid and zionist brothers!”

“Get rid of those regulations! Get rid of all that environmental protection crap! Get rid of those taxes! Kill off the bleeding heart “ebil leftists” with drones and let’s make some damn money! and oh yeah, small business blah blah blah… liberty… blah blah blah… death tax… blah blah blah.” Gina Rinehart (sorta)

She wants to turn the Indigenous Australians living in the northern parts of the country into slaves! yippie! Hell, her daddy once talked about “rounding ’em up” and sterilizing them by putting stuff in their water supply while another guy talked about “civilizing the savages” on national television

Kinda makes Little Orphan Gina look like Mother Teresa by comparison, don’t it?

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