Tensions Mount as White House Prepares for Nomination of Torture Authority Gina Haspel

by Derrick Broze, Mint Press News

Gina Haspel, current Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and nominee to lead the agency, is facing a wave of resistance from civil liberties advocates, Senators, and physicians who say her connection to past torture programs make her unfit to head the CIA. Haspel was involved in CIA “black site” prisons in Thailand and other foreign nations, and is known to have supported the use of torture. Further, Haspel is accused of destroying taped evidence of waterboarding and other forms of torture.

On Thursday, The Hill reported that the Trump Administration drafted a 27-page memo full of “talking points” meant to bolster the standing of Gina Haspel during her nomination hearing with the Senate Intelligence Committee on May 9. According to The Hill, the five main talking points highlight Haspel’s “experience and ‘common-sense’ leadership and note that she would be the first woman to lead the intelligence agency.” If her supporters are pressed about certain issues, including Haspel’s role in past torture incidents, they are encouraged to emphasize that “she is an ‘intelligence and national security expert’ who follows the law as written, and has demonstrated strong and clear leadership in very challenging positions.”…

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Trump Continues to Promote 9/11 Cover-up Asset and Torturer Haspel to Head C.I.A.

Trust the process? Here’s the process. Trump is still pushing 9/11 cover-up asset and gleeful torturer Gina Haspel to head Capitalism’s Invisible Army.

He’s not fighting the Deep State, he’s promoting them.

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