The Germanwings 9525 “Crash Rehearsal” Story is Total Bullshit

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The Huffington Post is now running with the stupid story as is CNN, Fox News, CBS and many others.


Still trying to prop-up their pathetic official story about how Germanwings flight 9525 crashed into the French Alps 6 weeks ago, authorities have pre-released a report to the German newspaper Bild which supposedly details how the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz “practiced” resetting the auto-pilot setting to 100 feet altitude several times on a previous flight he worked on that same day.

That is an absolutely ridiculous notion which isn’t even supported by the evidence they themselves present. As stupid as it is, the story is already being repeated at news sites like Sputnik International without the first hint of questioning the moronic narrative nor the clearly contradictory evidence presented.

The German newspaper Bild reported that the Germanwings co-pilot, suspected of deliberately crashing a plane in the French Alps in March, killing all 150 people on board, practiced a descent on a previous flight on the same day.

The newspaper referred to an interim report, due to be published by France’s BEA crash investigation agency later on Wednesday. Sputnik International

First of all, a pilot with the flight hours that Lubitz had does not need to ‘practice” setting the auto-pilot target altitude to 100 ft above sea level. He would just do it.

According to this story he had to “practice” setting that altitude over and over again, multiple times, and one time they claim he left it at that setting for more than 100 seconds (#2 on graph below)

According to the story, as he was told to reset the altitude of that flight, Lubitz did so by seemingly always setting the new altitude at 100 feet and then readjusting it back up. This happened several times according to Bild and the BEA crash investigation.

Seems to me that the auto-pilot system itself was having problems, not the co-pilot. Seems to me he was keeping from resetting itself to 100 feet of altitude when he kept changing it to the new altitude that the flight tower was ordering him to set.

Here’s the “proof” that Bild offers. It’s a graphic showing the altitude of the flight during the time the investigation says Lubitz was “practicing”

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Stunning Developments in the Germanwings 4U9525 Investigation: All the Conspiracy Questions Wrapped Up Nicely

by Scott Creighton

The investigation into the crash of Germanwings 4U9525 is wrapping up nicely. All the sticky questions have been answered yesterday with the discovery of two new pieces of evidence. The question of the pilot’s unexplained suicide, the entry door issue and of course the mysterious black box have all been answered in one fell swoop.

Nothing to see here folks. All the pesky conspiracy questions have been resolved. Go back to sleep. Your government is in control.

Back and to the left. Back and to the left. Back and …..

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Andreas Lubitz – Before and After

by Scott Creighton (H/T ariadnatheo)

Marching in lockstep with the complicit corporate media like the New York Times and Reuters, fake alternative sites like Prison Planet and Natural News (as well as many others unfortunately) are running around doing their level best to help with the frame-up of Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz just as fast as they possibly can before anyone notices the glaring problems with the current investigation and the official story of what happened to the Airbus A320 flight 9525.

What they are doing is the exact same thing the government and corporate media did to people like Richard Jewel, Steven Hatfill, Bruce Edwards Ivins, James Holmes, Adam Lanza as well as the captain of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

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MSM Confirms Flight Data Recorder “Black Box” Taken from Casing

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: As of March 31st, 2015… they are “still looking for the flight data recorder” or more specifically, the data disks that had been removed.

UPDATE: Oh God, now they’re trying to say he was a closeted homosexual sitting on a “mountain of drugs” even though he was living with his real girlfriend (not the lyin skank who claimed he wanted the world to know his name) and she is reportedly pregnant. Not to mention the fact that pilots are routinely drug tested. Wow. They will do ANYTHING to maintain that “crazed lone gunman” story.


The other day I wrote a brief article about the president of France telling the media at a news conference that the all important Flight Data Recorder had been found but that the memory disks were “missing”

I cited three articles from news websites that confirmed his report.

Today the MSM has also confirmed this story via the Guardian with very little fanfare, almost making light of the fact that the black box was apparently opened and the memory disks removed.

Rescuers are still, however, to locate the plane’s second black box — its flight data recorder — six days after the Barcelona to Düsseldorf flight crashed into a rocky ravine at 435 miles (700km) per hour.”

“The black box, which is actually orange and weighs around 10kg, was originally in a protective casing, but only the empty casing has been found.”  Guardian

It’s important to understand the construction of this piece of equipment and the kind of testing they are put through in order to ensure they survive any type of crash so investigators can know exactly what happened to the plane.

To that end I am going to repost an update I put on an earlier article which gives all that information and provides a graphic diagram of a typical modern flight data recorder (H/T WRH)

All of that information is after the break.

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‘Reuters lied’: MH17 witness says reporter falsified testimony

from RT

A Lugansk Region resident, whom Reuters cites as saying he saw evidence of a surface-to-air missile launched from rebel-held territory on the day MH17 was downed, told RT the news agency gave a false report of his interview.

For its March report on the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 tragedy Reuters talked to Pyotr Fedotov, a 58-year-old resident of the village Chervonniy Zhovten in the Lugansk Region of eastern Ukraine.

“When interviewed by Reuters, Fedotov, the witness who described the ‘wiggling’ rocket, at first said on camera that it was fired from territory held by the Ukrainian army. Later, off camera, he said it was launched from a nearby rebel area. Asked why he had originally said the opposite, he said it was because he was afraid of the rebels,” the news agency said.

RT contacted Fedotov who, after some persuasion, agreed to be filmed. He told RT that Reuters correspondent Anton Zverev was “less than accurate” with Fedotov’s testimony.

“When we talked about the Boeing on camera, I explained everything as it was. The things that I allegedly said off-camera were just made up by the journalist. It’s all lies. Off-camera, we never discussed the Boeing,” Fedotov told RT

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Germanwings A320 Crash – Hollande Says FDR Memory Card “Missing”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: MSM Confirms Flight Data Recorder “Black Box” Taken from Casing

UPDATE: See graphic of standard modern flight data recorder at end of article.


Holy shit.

The other day I wrote about how important the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) would be in determining the real cause of the crash of Germanwings flight 9525.

The FDR records vital information regarding all the systems on board the plane including the automatic pilot system as well as the security system for the entry to the cockpit.

And if there is a uninterruptable autopilot system on board (allowing for remote piloting of the plane or setting of the autopilot system in the event of a hijacking) then the FDR would show if it was activated just prior to the autopilot system crashing the plane.

Well, previously I had reported that the FDR had been reported as being damaged beyond repair but that may not be the case.

It seems, someone stole the memory chip out of it.

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Police Deny Reports of Finding Germanwings Co-Pilot Suicide Evidence

from Sputnik

German police rejected media claims on Friday that they had found evidence proving that the co-pilot of the crashed Germanwings plane had planned his suicide.

“Information about written evidence being found during searches, published today by British tabloids, is not true,” a spokesman for the investigative team told reporters.

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