Deconstructing Kyle Kulinski’s and Sam Harris’ “ISIS™” Disinformation

by Scott Creighton

“ISIS™” in Iraq is nothing more than a pre-text creating the narrative for a FID or Foreign Internal Defense campaign

The other day Sam Harris went on some obscure YouTube channel “news” outlet called the Rubin Report and said that it was “delusional” to think President Bush’s illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq gave rise to “ISIS™”

His reasoning, if you want to call it that, was that “fundamentalist Islam” existed long before our (illegal) invasion and therefore something like “ISIS™” was bound to crop up eventually in the Baathist nation.

Along comes someone named Kyle Kulinski on his obscure YouTube “news” channel too say that Sam is missing the point and that he’s absolutely wrong about  “ISIS™” being caused by the (illegal) invasion (curious how both Harris and Kulinski continually forget to mention the illegal aspect of the Iraq invasion and occupation)

It should be noted that Kyle Kulinski is a construct of another fake left disinformation peddler, Cenk Uygur.

However, while Kulinski does that, he peppers in so much disinformation and self-contradictory BS, he completely convolutes the essential lesson to be learned from “ISIS™” and Iraq and Syria as a whole leaving his “secular progressive” audience with the distinct impression that we are right and just to be fighting “ISIS™”

In short, Fox “News” couldn’t have done it better and in fact, Fox “News” couldn’t have done it at all with his audience of “secular progressives”, hence the controlled opposition function he performs is served.

In order to expose this clown for what he is, I’ve decided to take his little video point by point and show you exactly what he’s doing and how he’s twisting the facts in order to preserve the sanctity of the Global War OF Terror via his rather extravagant  “ISIS™” disinformation.

Let’s get started, shall we?

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Chattanooga Shooting: Operation Northwoods in Tennessee? ( no real connection to “ISIS”)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: FBI now agrees with me… no link to “ISIS”

At this time, we have no indication that he was inspired by or directed by anyone other than himself,” Ed Reinhold, the FBI agent in charge

UPDATE: see updates at end of article

Now come the calls for arming soldiers on American soil


We could develop a Conmiunisfc Cuban terror campaign in
the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in WashingtonOperation Northwoods

Face of terror?

According to the official story, Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez  (a naturalized U.S. citizen from Kuwait) pulled up in front of the Navy recruitment center in Chattanooga, TN. yesterday morning sometime around 10:45am in a silver Mustang convertible and opened fire the storefront of those offices with a number of the types of weapons the Obama administration wishes to have banned. There were between 1 and 3 people wounded at that scene with at least one shot in the foot somehow.

Then, according to the reports, Abdulazeez made his way 7 miles to the Navy Operational Support Center in that same town, busted through a security gate and attacked at least 4 Marines, killing them in the process. It is still unclear as to whether or not he took his own life. According to the official story, he drove straight there.

What do we really know? Well, we know most of crap about this guy comes from Rita Katz and Pamela Geller and we know the supposed link to “ISIS” is total bullshit. What else do we know? Let’s find out.

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“ISIS” Guy Who Threatens More Attacks in US Seems to be an American Contractor (Living in California?)

by Scott Creighton


Little is known about Abu Ibrahim Amriki, a US-born terrorist who was seen in this propaganda video released by a group calling itself the “German Taliban Mujahideen,” which is based in Pakistan’s tribal areas” Long War Journal 2009

The guy who claims to have threatened Pam Geller and promised to have “71 “ISIS” fighters in 15 US states” ready to attack us is actually an American-born, bald Special Ops looking “jihadist” formerly stationed in Pakistan.

But wait, it gets better.

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“ISIS™” Claims Responsibility for Garland Texas Attack – Can You Say “Unconventional Warfare”?

by Scott Creighton

Everyone is talking about how that “ISIS™” radio station has “claimed responsibility” for the Garland, Texas attack that wasn’t. And they say there will be more to follow.

Ranting racists on Prison Planet (Di$info Jone$ and Michael Savage) are busy spewing the same crap that Obama supporting MSN and the New York Times are writing: “ISIS™” is HERE and thank GOD we have MILITARIZED COPS!

(That is literally what Paul Joseph Watson says at the end of his Islamaphobic rant)

Do you think it’s a coincidence this happens right after the Baltimore mayor allowed staged riots to get so far out of control she “had” to bring in the National Guard?

Let me ask you another question: do you think it’s a coincidence that this “ISIS™” radio station started an English language channel less than a month before the staged Garland, Texas psyop  and that the first broadcast was with a guy with an “American” sounding accent?

ISIS has launched English-language radio news bulletins on its Iraqi broadcast service – complete with information on the latest suicide bombings and ‘martyrdom operations’.

The extremist group’s first English bulletin aired on Tuesday on its al-Bayan radio network, which already boasts updates in both Arabic and Russian.

The nine-and-a-half minute broadcast, which begins and ends with traditional sounding Arabic music, is hosted by a man with an American accent, who takes the listener through the main events of the day.” Daily Mail, April 7, 2015

Jihad John? Oh yeah, he’s British.

The “ISIS™” recruiter  @_UmmWaqqas? Oh yeah, she’s a sorority chick from Seattle.

See a pattern developing? I do. And it’s called “unconventional warfare

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Hebdo Redux in Garland, Texas? ‘Mohammed Cartoon’ Shooting Reeks of a Staged False Flag

from 21st Century Wire

Unreal. This may just be the most obviously scripted and staged-managed event yet.

We’re told that at 7pm CDT local time, two male suspects were shot and killed on Sunday outside of an event at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, an incident which lasted exactly 15 seconds.

The US media were quick to label the incident”terrorist”.  In addition to the two dead “terror suspects”, an unarmed security guard, Garland Independent School District employee Bruce Joiner, is said to have been wounded during an ‘exchange of gunfire’ but it’s not yet clear whose gunfire actually hit him.

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Garland Texas Shooting – “Terrorists” Killed 200 Feet from Building?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Turns out, both were killed by the same traffic cop. One gun killed both guys who were armed with assault rifles and wearing body armor? When all the other cops finally ran over to the scene, it was all over and the two guys were dead.

“Two men exited the dark color sedan, both of them had assault rifles, and came around the back of the car and started shooting at the police car,” he said. He said officers from around the center converged on the scene within seconds, but by then the traffic officer had already killed the gunmen… He said that one police officer, whom he did not name, returned fire with his pistol, killing both gunmen.”


The two assailants in the Garland Texas shooting incident never even got close to the building. In fact, they weren’t even on the grounds of the Curtis Culwell Center where the Pam Geller hate-fest contest was taking place when they were shot and killed.

Here’s a picture of the scene from Fox4. Notice the debris on the ground? That happened when they blew up the car for fear there might be some explosives in it (no checking for fingerprints now)

Here’s a picture of the two guys lying dead on the road last night after being shot by officers on the scene. Notice the car hadn’t been blown up at that point. Also notice what side of the car the two men are on.

Here is a map showing the location of the car in relation to the contest location.

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Xenophobic Hate-monger P. J. Watson from Di$info Jone$ Having Race-baiting Meltdown on Twitter Over #garlandshooting

by Scott Creighton

Slurring Muslims, feminists, liberals, Mexicans, conspiratards and everyone else he can think of while spewing his race-baiting hatred over the apparently staged Garland Texas shooting, Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet makes his agenda perfectly clear.

The guy is going off ranting about the liberals and taking this staged event at pure face value. I guess it matters not to “investigative journalists” like Paul Joseph Watson that the shooting conveniently provides racists like Pam Geller with the exact kind of victim status she was screeching about in her little lecture she gave that night. Nor does it bother him that the shooting took place right after the events of the night wrapped up (all the speakers had their chance to be heard spewing their hatred of Muslims before the cop came in and told them there was a shooting)

So, we can count on Paul Joseph Watson and Prison Planet when it comes time to promote the idiotic fear-mongering about “ISIS” being right here in ‘Merika and they start rounding up those “ebil leftists”

(offensive, Pam Geller and Israel supporting Tweets from P.J.W. after the break)

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