Cops pepper-spray protester in face at point blank range – CNN then lies about it

by Scott Creighton

In this video, shot Saturday night by RT Ruptly in Baltimore, a young man wearing a “F@ck the Police” Tee-shirt, is pepper-sprayed directly in his face and then thrown to the ground by his hair by a member of the Baltimore PD.

Over at Global Research, Matt Agorist points out how CNN deliberately misled their audience suggesting the guy was sprayed with the chemical weapon as a possible result of bottles being thrown at the police. As you can see in the video, the bottles that were thrown at the police were thrown after the young man was brutally arrested and the officers sprayed everyone in the crowd who were standing there watching.

See the CNN video here.


392 People Killed by Police from Jan 1, 2015 thru April 30 2015

by Scott Creighton

Jan10 left us a link to a story about 388 flags planted on the lawn at Harvard University. They were flown upside down and each one signified someone who had died this year at the hands of the police.

There is a website, which names each and every person killed by police in the United States. This year there have been 392 killed so far (January (91) ,February (85) ,March (115) ,April (101) )

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Prosecutor Files Charges Against All 6 Cops in Freddie Grey Case

by Scott Creighton

Officer Ceasar Goodson, the driver of the van, is being charged with 2nd degree depraved-heart murder, involuntary manslaughter, 2nd degree negligent assault, manslaughter by vehicle .

[depraved-heart murder] is a deliberate act that is so dangerous that it shows total indifference to someone else’s life,”

A surprising development in the Freddie Grey case unfolded yesterday when Baltimore’s chief prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, announced they filed criminal charges against all 6 of the officers involved in the Freddie Grey arrest and subsequent homicide. Those charges include second degree murder, false imprisonment and manslaughter.

Not only did she say their actions were illegal and resulted in his death, but she points out that the arrest itself was illegal.

These are the six officers being charged. Goodson, the driver of the van, is top right.

Clockwise from top left: Baltimore police officers William G. Porter, Garrett E. Miller, Caesar R. Goodson Jr., Edward M. Nero, Alicia D. White, Brian W. Rice. (Baltimore Police Department)

The police have been stating that Freddie had a switch-blade knife with is illegal in Maryland yet, Mosby pointed out that in fact the knife was not a switch-blade but just a regular folding knife which is legal. The knife was found in his pocket. He never took it out.

In short, they had no reason to arrest him at all. (go here to see an interactive timeline of Freddie’s last ride.)

A. Dwight Pettit, a lawyer who handles police brutality cases in Baltimore — and worked to help elect Ms. Mosby — said her emphasis on the officers’ lack of probable cause in arresting Mr. Gray was significant. Rarely, he said, are police officers prosecuted for making false arrests — and too often, they do not worry about lacking probable cause.

He called the charges of false imprisonment “something new for police activity, which offends the constitutional rights of citizens.” New York Times

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Freddie Grey UPDATES: Secret Witness Says “I didn’t hear nothing” – Internet Trolls Feeding Racial Divide

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Of course… the same ones who are now pretending to be black rioters posting bullshit Tweets all over the place ARE THE SAME ONES THEY USED TO POST THE #PURGE CRAP! That’s f’in obvious and I didn’t even think about that.


See what happens when your secret witness is no longer a secret?

The secret witness mentioned in the Washington Post article I wrote about yesterday has been identified. His name is Donte Allen and as soon as he was released from police custody, he made his way to the press to report the Washington Post article clearly misrepresented his comments on that short ride he took with Freddie Grey.

But let’s back up a little bit. Let’s take these developments one at a time:

  1. Freddie’s Rough Ride
  2. Secret Witness Not So Secret Anymore
  3. Internet Trolls Inflaming Racial Hatred

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Police Claim Freddie Grey Broke his Own Neck – Secret “Witness” Says So

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: As I concluded in my article, the second prisoner was only in the van for the last 5 minutes of Freddie’s 30 minute ride and according to this reporter, Freddie was already unresponsive by the time the other guy was loaded in the van. Also, there aren’t any other injuries to Freddie that would corroborate him banging his head on a wall hard enough to break his own neck. And then there is this…

Miller also pointed out that on April 23, Commissioner Batts said that the second prisoner had said Gray was “mostly quiet.”


Disinfo assets like Prison Planet and Mark Dice are running with the story that Freddie Grey broke his own neck in the back of that police transport van in spite of the fact that it’s obviously a bullshit story.

Does anyone remember the story of Victor White? He was the young man who police say shot himself in the head in the back of a police car after he had been arrested, patted-down (searched) and handcuffed. Quite a remarkable trick, that one.

Mark Dice’s video on Prison Planet is insulting and racist. He constantly refers to the protesters as “those people” and says the reason they are so easily manipulated is because they can’t “read past the headlines” and “haven’t read a book since they were forced to in school”. That, according to Dice, is why they are out there protesting. They’re just not as smart as he is.

Dice claims that the real proof that Grey “was banging his head against the wall” is the fact, according to him, that if a cop broke his neck either via a choke hold or a “rough ride” then the other cops would have “ratted him out”

The Blue Wall of Silence simply doesn’t exist according to Mark Dice. Seems like Mark is shilling for Police Chief magazine’s interpretation of the existence of the Blue Wall.  But the wall exists. We all know it.

Speaking of not reading past the headlines, let’s take a look at the original story of this new “witness” who claims Freddie Grey broke his own neck in the back of that police van. Let’s read past the headlines for Mr. Dice.

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