“Criminals” Fire on Cops in Ferguson After 1 Year Anniversary March for Michael Brown Concluded

by Scott Creighton

Details are still sketchy but here’s what I know so far.

Yesterday, there was a large demonstration in memory of Michael Brown, an unarmed young man who was shot by Officer Darren Wilson while fleeing on Canfield Dr. in Ferguson one year ago. Though there were agent provocateurs on the scene doing what they could to inflame hostilities (like roasting a pig and dressing it up as a cop), for the most part, the large crowd of protesters were peaceful. The march and the subsequent service were led by Mike Brown’s father.

Later in the evening last night, long after most of the protesters had gone home, at around 11:15pm local time, shots rang out on West Florissant Avenue. Initial reports stated one guy opened fire on an unmarked police van as was subsequently shot in a parking lot and taken to the hospital.

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Chattanooga Shooting: Operation Northwoods in Tennessee? ( no real connection to “ISIS”)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: FBI now agrees with me… no link to “ISIS”

At this time, we have no indication that he was inspired by or directed by anyone other than himself,” Ed Reinhold, the FBI agent in charge

UPDATE: see updates at end of article

Now come the calls for arming soldiers on American soil


We could develop a Conmiunisfc Cuban terror campaign in
the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in WashingtonOperation Northwoods

Face of terror?

According to the official story, Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez  (a naturalized U.S. citizen from Kuwait) pulled up in front of the Navy recruitment center in Chattanooga, TN. yesterday morning sometime around 10:45am in a silver Mustang convertible and opened fire the storefront of those offices with a number of the types of weapons the Obama administration wishes to have banned. There were between 1 and 3 people wounded at that scene with at least one shot in the foot somehow.

Then, according to the reports, Abdulazeez made his way 7 miles to the Navy Operational Support Center in that same town, busted through a security gate and attacked at least 4 Marines, killing them in the process. It is still unclear as to whether or not he took his own life. According to the official story, he drove straight there.

What do we really know? Well, we know most of crap about this guy comes from Rita Katz and Pamela Geller and we know the supposed link to “ISIS” is total bullshit. What else do we know? Let’s find out.

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Ferguson Police Shooting: Prison Planet – Railroading Jeffrey Williams and Fanning Racial Hatred in America

by Scott Creighton

Over at Alex Jones’ disinformation site, Prison Planet, disinfo shill Paul Joseph Watson is breathlessly attacking the “leftists” (like Bibi was doing this weekend saying a global “leftist” conspiracy was behind his sagging poll numbers) claiming they are unduly defending Ferguson Cop Shooting suspect, Jeffrey Williams. At the same time, he’s dusting off old, discredited, hate-mongering propaganda in order to fan the flames of racial discord which is exactly what the Obama administration wants at this time.

“Leftist media figures rushed to defend Jeffrey Williams, the man who shot and seriously injured two police officers in Ferguson last week, by claiming he was mistreated by police and attempting to distance him from the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.” PJW

I suppose it’s enough for Paul to hear from Eric Holder that Jeffrey is guilty and that’s the end of it. Me personally, I tend to wait to see how the evidence shakes out especially considering the fact that the FBI and the Justice Department spend so much time fabricating domestic terrorists for whatever purpose they have at the time.

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Ferguson Police Shooting – They Got Their Patsy

by Scott Creighton

Eric Holder: “This arrest sends a clear message that acts of violence against our law enforcement personnel will never be tolerated.”

Most serious charge: ASSAULT 1ST DEGREE (?)

Just a quick note:

A suspect has been detained in the Ferguson Police Shooting incident, 20-year-old Jeffrey Williams.

According to St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch, Williams “acknowledged” firing shots and, claims McCulloch, was part of the demonstration that evening.

Of course, from there the story gets jumbled at best.

Though McCulloch claims Williams was one of those protesters out in front of the Ferguson PD that night, none of the other protesters recognize his image. They claim not to know him and it’s a pretty tight-knit group that has been together for a while so can imagine if they were lying there would be all kinds of pictures and videos of them with him. But so far none have surfaced.

And even though there had been a lot of media out there earlier in the evening covering the demonstration, McCulloch offered no video or photographic evidence to back his claim that Williams had been part of the protest.

Here are a couple of other odd facts surrounding this arrest.

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Strange Developments in the Ferguson Shooting Story

by Scott Creighton

Ok. The Ferguson shooting is taking a rather strange turn. It’s starting to look like someone was trying to garner some sympathy for the Ferguson PD with this event.

Here’s a question: when does blood look like red paint? When does someone get shot in the face with the bullet “embedding behind his left ear” and then leave the hospital a couple hours later?

Police photo collected at the scene from the St. Louis County Police Crime Scene Unit shows a police helmet where two police officers were shot just after midnight in Ferguson, Missouri March 12, 2015 (Reuters / t. Louis County Police)

Police photo collected at the scene from the St. Louis County Police Crime Scene Unit shows a police helmet where two police officers were shot just after midnight in Ferguson, Missouri March 12, 2015 (Reuters / t. Louis County Police)


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Sniper Shoots Two Police Officers Outside Ferguson PD

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Strange Developments in the Ferguson Shooting Story

UPDATE: Police Chief said three hours after the shooting that the shots came from someone “embedded with the protesters” which might explain why Youtube took down the video showing the shooter was behind the group of demonstrators and up on the hill. Also of note: all the news crews that had been there packed up and left right before the shooting. Seems like someone is trying real hard to blame this on the demonstrators.

UPDATE: You can go here and look at the Google Street View map and see how across from the police station and up on the hill are a couple houses that would have provided a great vantage point for the shooter. The white house on Tiffin Ave. is one possibility. The yellow two-story on Harrison with the black shutters is another.

Embedded image permalink


The American Gladio campaign of 2015 has begun.

Just after midnight outside the Ferguson Police Department during a peaceful demonstration following the resignation of Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson, shots rang out from a nearby hillside. Two officers, a 32-year-old officer from suburban Webster Groves and a 41-year-old officer from St. Louis County, were seriously injured. A video posted below taken by one of the demonstrators captured the moment of the shooting and some a-hole’s taunting comment yelled to a moaning wounded cop.

“Acknowledgement 9 months ago would have kept that from happening” said the a-hole in what can only be described as an attempt to enrage the officers who were attending to their fallen and moaning companions.

The shots themselves did not come from the demonstrators but rather from a house on a nearby hillside some 220 yards from the station. That’s a long shot. That’s a sniper.

“According to reports, the shots were fired from a house on a hill across from the police station.” Press TV

Gladio operations in the past have typically used snipers during protests, targeting cops and protesters alike, in order to incite hostilities across various nations. This is probably a just another example of that tactic.

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