Falcon Heights Shooting Video – Was this staged? (yeah, it was)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Check out Greencrow’s article “Was Minnesota Police Shooting Staged to distract from THIS?!

There has been another shooting involving police and a suspect who was carrying a firearm but not brandishing it. This one took place last night in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. The day before, Alton Sterling was shot by officers in Baton Rouge, La. under similar circumstances.

Now keep this in mind: both of these guys were carrying weapons, I believe legally in both cases but I’m not sure. I have to wonder if someone in congress wont be using these latest incidents to say “see? we gotta keep guns off the streets because it makes it harder for cops to do their jobs and citizens are being killed needlessly”

I’ve watched this video several times and I have too say, it seems like it might have been staged. Might. You take a look and let me know what you think.

Well no wait… it is staged.

Watch the first few minutes of this video, when she is in the car with the dying victim and her kid is in the back seat.

What stands out to you? Her calm demeanor? The kid not crying? No smoke in the vehicle from 4 shots being fired at point blank range in the driver’s side window? The fact that the blood pattern on his shirt doesn’t change while he’s clearly still breathing and his heart is still pumping? No visible wounds on the guy? No powder burns on his clean white shirt? The fact that her ears aren’t ringing and she never checks on the welfare of her young child sitting 4 feet away from where the cop fired the gun?

Those are all interesting clues but they aren’t the dead giveaway.

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