Nice Truck Attack: Reactionary French State of Emergency Extended, Gladio Success Achieved

by Scott Creighton

Back on Nov. 17, 2015, I wrote about French president Hollande demanding a change to the French constitution which would effectively allow the government to strip anyone of their constitutional rights if they were merely suspected of terrorist ties. He pushed for this following the attacks in Paris that month. Here is how the Huffington Post covered it:

During a rare trip to the Palace of Versailles Monday French President François Hollande called on lawmakers to change France’s constitution in order to better protect the country.

Hollande referred to article 36 of the charter as outdated, and asked that parliament change it to give the government greater power without needing to resort to a state of emergency.

“We are at war, this new kind of war demands a constitution that can manage a state in crisis,” he said.

He announced that he is submitting a proposal to extend the state of emergency by three months and asked parliament to vote on it before the end of the week.

He also suggested enacting a law that would revoke French citizenship from anyone linked to terrorist attacks, however he didn’t elaborate on how this law would be applied. Huffington Post

In May of this year, the French parliament voted to extend the state of emergency by two months. It was scheduled to end on the 26th of July. Now, that’s not going to happen. With the TTIP waiting in the wings and thoughts of a Frexit whispering around the country, the emergency laws provide the French establishment all the tools they need to squash such notions before they become another French Revolution.

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Ataturk Airport Bombing ala Gladio 2.0, Steals Headlines from Benghazi/CIA Commission Report

by Scott Creighton

You can always count on “ISIS™” to strike at the most opportune moment for Western interests. This is a pattern that has been well established in recent “ISIS™” history.

When we started loosing control of our puppet regime in war-torn Libya and the people started rising up to kick our corrupt cronies to the curb, “ISIS™” suddenly showed up and thus we had all the justification we needed to start bombing again.

It works something like this:

When globalist interests wanted Japan to tear-up their peace constitution making way for Obama’s “pivot to Asia”, “ISIS™” decided to make a ridiculous beheading video featuring Hapless Haruna which was so badly Photoshoped, not only did Fox News have to admit it was a fake, but the Japanese people started up a bad Photoshop contest making fun of the “news’ story.

On Dec. 25th, 2014, I entered the contest with this effort. Notice how it pulls “ISIS™” into the all important War on Christmas? Subtle, huh?


I think I should have won but since I’m not Japanese and since I made it with Autocad and not Photoshop, I was disqualified. Racist bastards.

Truth is, there is a VERY long history of “ISIS™” popping up just where they are needed to justify whatever the CIA or the MIC or NATO or Obama wants at the moment. Unless you are brain-dead or a total shill (or coward), you cannot deny it.

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Deconstructing Kyle Kulinski’s and Sam Harris’ “ISIS™” Disinformation

by Scott Creighton

“ISIS™” in Iraq is nothing more than a pre-text creating the narrative for a FID or Foreign Internal Defense campaign

The other day Sam Harris went on some obscure YouTube channel “news” outlet called the Rubin Report and said that it was “delusional” to think President Bush’s illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq gave rise to “ISIS™”

His reasoning, if you want to call it that, was that “fundamentalist Islam” existed long before our (illegal) invasion and therefore something like “ISIS™” was bound to crop up eventually in the Baathist nation.

Along comes someone named Kyle Kulinski on his obscure YouTube “news” channel too say that Sam is missing the point and that he’s absolutely wrong about  “ISIS™” being caused by the (illegal) invasion (curious how both Harris and Kulinski continually forget to mention the illegal aspect of the Iraq invasion and occupation)

It should be noted that Kyle Kulinski is a construct of another fake left disinformation peddler, Cenk Uygur.

However, while Kulinski does that, he peppers in so much disinformation and self-contradictory BS, he completely convolutes the essential lesson to be learned from “ISIS™” and Iraq and Syria as a whole leaving his “secular progressive” audience with the distinct impression that we are right and just to be fighting “ISIS™”

In short, Fox “News” couldn’t have done it better and in fact, Fox “News” couldn’t have done it at all with his audience of “secular progressives”, hence the controlled opposition function he performs is served.

In order to expose this clown for what he is, I’ve decided to take his little video point by point and show you exactly what he’s doing and how he’s twisting the facts in order to preserve the sanctity of the Global War OF Terror via his rather extravagant  “ISIS™” disinformation.

Let’s get started, shall we?

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‘Let’s Roll’ Part Deux: American (Military) Tourists Thwart ‘Random ISIS Attack’ in Paris

(Meanwhile, at Di$info Jone$’ website, they are pushing this story as valid (see here, here and here) while also running with a story about an evil “ISIS” baby beheading it’s own teddy bear. The suspect claims he “somehow” found the gun in suitcase near where he typically sleeps (he’s homeless). He said the gun, ammo and a cell phone were in the suitcase. Early reports claimed the “heroes” followed the suspect onto the train.

Belgian journalist Marin Buxant Tweeted that the US Marines were on leave in Brussels when they spotted the man and followed him on the train. When the suspect went into the toilet, the Marines recognised the sound of a weapon being armed and decided to act immediately. (Source: Mail Online)

Is it possible he found the suitcase because when he was near it, the phone started ringing? He says he never fired a shot. One of the “heroes”, a British/South African contractor says the rifle was “jammed” or the ammo “had a bad primer” … as in… all the ammo had the primers removed?But if he never fired a shot, how did one person get a gunshot wound and end up in the hospital? I guess we need a ballistics report to answer that one… oh but wait…

Of course, the real story is pending an actual ballistics investigation (which may not be made public under a national security letter)

If they were going to arm the guy so they could heroically take him down, you think they would give him a working AK? Not likely. Notice how they also introduce a “box cutter” into the story? 9/11 anyone? Lest we forget.)

from 21st Century Wire

Everyone loves a good story, especially one with a happy ending – and in the US, if that happy ending has a military flavor too – then it makes for an even better story. On closer examination however, this latest random ‘terror’ incident in Paris appears somewhat scripted.

This past Friday, at 5:45 p.m. on a TGV ‘bullet’ train during the height of commuter rush hour in the town of Oignies near the historic town of Arras, a “Moroccan man” was said to be carrying an automatic assault rifle. As if by magic (indeed, magic seems to play a central role in all Daily Shooter events), two plain clothed US serviceman and their ‘childhood friend’ on a European vacation, where hot on the scene – and sprung into action to thwart a potential deadly terrorist attack.

Both President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron have already weighed-in to shower praise of the heroic actions of these three US men and another British citizen involved.

The lone gunman was then quickly subdued by Airman First Class Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos, a specialist in the National Guard from Oregon, Anthony Sadler (no military affiliations or government affiliations mentioned) and “British” passenger Chris Norman.

The same script seems to have been circulated to all US media outlets. The New York Times report has particularly colorful, made-for-TV account of the dramatic moment:

“Mr. Skarlatos, who was returning from a deployment in Afghanistan, looked over at the powerfully built Mr. Stone, a martial arts enthusiast. “Let’s go, go!” he shouted”

So, two US military men just happened to be at the exact location and at the exact moment of a would-be Islamic cut-out character with a rifle who was in the process of “opening fire on a random train full of civilians”.

Now if you are thinking to yourself, ‘what are odds of that?’ – you’re not alone.

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