FBI Arrests Another Patsy After Refusing to Take Part in Christmas Day Bombing

Merry Christmas everyone.

The FBI has bravely thwarted another of their terrorism plots this week, dutifully arresting their patsy after he decided he couldn’t go through with their plans.

Sounds kind of messed up when you put that way doesn’t it?

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FBI Arrests Patsy Everitt Aaron Jameson After he Refuses to Blow Up Tourists on Christmas Day

by Scott Creighton

The tool, Everitt Aaron Jameson, said he wasn’t going to carry out a bombing and attack in San Fran on Christmas day… so the FBI arrested him.

On Friday, the FBI arrested a former marine and current tow truck driver, Everitt Aaron Jameson, 26, of Modesto California on charges of attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization “ISIS”. Not surprisingly, there was no mention of current news reports proving the Obama administration has been providing material support to “ISIS” since their inception.

How many times has the FBI created a terrorist plot for them to foil right at the last minute? Judge Napolitano counted 17 and that was back in 2013. A long time ago.

The pattern was always the same. They would find some loser, send in a criminal they contracted to help them out called a “confidential informant”, that informant would plant some seed of terrorism in the loser’s head and provide him the opportunity and the means to carry it out. Then, after paying the patsy loser with food or drink or whatever he wanted, they would get him to agree on tape to some lame-brained plan and try to get him to take action to make it happen all the while knowing full well this guy never had any plan on his own to do anything and left to his own devices he couldn’t put together a can of bug spray to terrorize a anthill, much less a bomb or an automatic rifle to terrorize some people.

Sometimes, as I have written about in the past (here is one example and there are many others), sometimes these patsies decide to quit on the plan before it’s carried out but the FBI doesn’t care at that point. They are the ones who came up with the idea and provided the materials for it. All they need is a willing patsy to carry it out. But when their targets decided to pull out and quit the plan and bomb or kill no one… the FBI always moves in for the arrest anyway.

Pretty sickening right?

Well, they did it again.

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