CIA/Goldman Sachs Spoiler Candidate Evan McMullin (I call him “freakhead”) Runs as a Ringer for Hillary Clinton

by Scott Creighton

Evan McMullin © Chad Williams via

I thought the CIA was not allowed to use their special “election rigging superpowers” here in the United States. Guess I was wrong.

Hillary Clinton stole the unDemocratic Party nomination this year and when she did that she alienated herself from well over half of the voters who would normally support the candidate from that party. I don’t care what the fake polls say, 85% of the Bernie supporters out there are not going to vote for Miss Neocon and that’s a fact.

This is why Hillary Clinton’s team are now actively courting the neocon/establishment Republican Party vote for November.

But that might not be enough to ensure Killary and her crazy balloon antics are ushered into the White House.

Sure, The Donald isn’t really trying that hard to become the next president but that might not matter. Even if he doesn’t want to win, Donald Trump might still beat Hillary in spite of the fact that he has about 150 self-inflicted wounds to his own feet.

You think I’m the only one who notices that possible outcome? Think again.

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