Emboldened by Robert Parry’s Death, War-mongering Liar Eliot Higgins (Bellingcat) Crawls Out of the Ooze With More Chemical Weapons Propaganda

by Scott Creighton

Recently the widely discredited pro-war, anti-Russian, anti-Iranian, anti-Syrian, anti-self respect, Atlantic Council-backed blogger Eliot Higgins (“Brown Moses” and Bellingcat) popped his ugly head back up out of the weeds where the liar has been laying low since his last public smack down by Robert Parry a year or so ago. And once again, he’s doing his best to pay the bills by making up more unsubstantiated propaganda about whatever enemy the Atlantic Council happens to be demonizing at the moment. In this case it’s Iran and Syria. And in this case I guess he is somewhat reassured his lies might go undiscovered due to the recent untimely death of Mr. Parry (but my guess is… that just ain’t so)

“Bild worked with the research of the human rights group, Syrians for Truth and Justice, and the online investigative journalist website Bellingcat to expose the shocking evidence of “Made in Germany” technology used in alleged Syrian and Iranian regime war crimes. Eliot Higgins, from Bellingcat, told Bild both gas attacks showed that “the rockets were produced in 2016 and delivered from Iran.” Fox News, Feb. 8,2018

In this case Eliot, a Brit (like the guy who made up the “White Helmets” hearts and minds campaign out of al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists and like all the ISIS spokespeople and many of their terrorist kidnappers (remember The Beatles?)) has teamed up with someone from Syrians for Truth and Justice (backed by the European Endowment for Democracy (a Russia-hating, “pro-democracy” color revolution inciting organization that doesn’t think Germany gives them enough money for their “work”)) to scribble the latest of his bullshit junk “science” to blame Iran and Syria for the latest chemical weapons attacks.

Apparently, before cobbling together is latest BS “evidence” payday,  Higgins didn’t get the memo about Sec. of Defense Mattis on Feb. 2nd saying he’s seen no evidence that the Syrian government was behind this latest attack. Talk about getting blind-sided huh? Robert’s gone and the damn Secretary of Defense steps right in. Must suck to be Eliot today.

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