Victory! – for the Non-Resistance

The More Effective Evil has trounced those Republicans with evil intentions. Folks who never made a single demand of the corporate, war mongering Democrat think they are some kind of victors. “The non-resisters have won a non-victory against an unimpressive enemy,” while Obama plots new atrocities.

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford, from BAR

Obama is the more effective austerity president – if the Republicans will just let him work his show.”

Get Away Sandy – God and Obama Will Save Us” read the graffiti, scrawled man-high on a cinderblock wall in the majority Black town of Plainfield, New Jersey. It is an apt articulation of African American politics as we descend into the First Black President’s second term.

Black folks may or may not have a prayer, but they certainly don’t have any earthly influence on the direction of the nation or on a president for whom they gave near-unanimous support, while asking nothing in return.

Wait a minute! I’m hearing echoes of…a familiar voice:

We have learned that Black politicians and activist-poseurs have an infinite capacity to celebrate not having engaged in struggle with Power, and that the Black masses can be made drunk by the prospect of vicariously (through Obama) coming to power.” – Black Agenda Report, “The Obama ’08 Phenomenon: What Have We Learned?” November 4, 2008.

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2004 George W. Bush Beats Barack Obama’s 2012 Numbers – “Mandate”?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: They are already working hard to spin these numbers. One “expert” from George Mason University estimates the turnout was 60% of eligible voters. Take a look at the numbers below and tell me how in the hell someone could honestly come to that conclusion…

UPDATE 2: Diane Sawyer was shitfaced during the entire ABC coverage last night. She was hammered and serving as the co-host of ABC’s election night coverage. That gives you a little insight into what a joke this is to these people. At one point it looks like George is about to tell her to get her drunk ass off the anchor desk. It’s pathetic. ABC presented a drunk lush as their face of the election all night long. Fitting really.

UPDATE 3: (H/T David) Glenn Greenwald and I see this kinda differently to say the least:

“So the delirium of liberals this morning is understandable: the night could scarcely have gone better for them.” Glenn Greenwald

UPDATE 4: How nice. Paul Ryan didn’t have to give up his seat in congress for his fake run for office.


National Headlines: “W” BEATS “O”!!!

In an near record setting low turnout rate (which may in fact be a record setting low turnout rate) and with an estimated 18 million more eligible voters, Barack Obama garnered less actual votes than George W. Bush did in 2004 and secured a smaller percentage of the votes than “W” did.

In short, in their re-election bid campaigns, Barack Obama just lost to George W. Bush. Chew on that for a while.

Despite the increase in eligible voters, 14.8 million fewer votes were cast this year than in 2008 and of those the Democrats lost more votes than Republicans at almost a 3 to 1 ratio… and the pundits are talking about an “Obama Mandate”?

These numbers tell us a VERY different story than what the pundits are saying right now.. The fact is, the policies of Obama administration are driving the people of this country AWAY from participation in government, not toward it. They selected Romney to fail and he did everything he could during the campaign to ensure that Obama would remain in office, but the only thing driving masses of voters away from Obama, is Obama’s policies. And that’s a fact. Another fact is those policies are less popular than W’s warmongering and lying to get us into war in 2003. That’s a fact as well.

Barack Obama is going to be the next president of the United States. Romney was hand picked to lose. This is what I have been saying for over a year now. Not surprisingly, the MSM and the super-pundits are claiming the Obama brand of Neo-conservative Liberalism now has a mandate from the people:

“Both sides claim, with some justification, a mandate from the voters.” AP

“President Obama’s reelection represents a victory for the Democratic ideal of activist government and a mandate for more of itAlterNet

“Another close presidential election — accompanied by split control of Congress, with Republicans maintaining control of the House and Democrats holding the Senate — might lead many to the conclusion that President Obama doesn’t have much of a mandate. Quite the contrary; he can have a robust mandate if he chooses to use it.” Baltimore Sun

While the victory may not be that questionable (the republicans are already being derided for choosing horrible candidates Romney and Ryan and running a horrible campaign) the “mandate” certainly is.

Truth be told, in some ways, the Democrats lost this election well, they lost more votes that the Republicans did and in fact more people voted for Bush in 2004 than they did for Obama last night. Let me explain…

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Much Ado About Nothing – Obama to Continue His Betrayal

by Scott Creighton

“Life is a tale told by an idiot, all sound and fury, in the end signifying nothing”

UPDATE 3: A little bit of good news… I got one wrong… looks like the emergency managers are done in the state of Michigan. That is definately a pleasant surprise.

UPDATE 2: 6 Billion dollars spent on this election cycle. The country is in horrible shape. More and more people are turning away from the MSM and Washington politics in general. THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SAY WE ARE ON THE WRONG PATH… and what happens? The House stays Republican, the Senate stays Democrat, and the White House stays Clinton/Obama… no change.. nothing. Business as usual. Let that sink in for a minute.

Next up: the fake fiscal cliff and genocidal austerity

UPDATE: as I predicted… Even though CNN and NBC News are both not reporting on it, I found a site that has up to the minute results for the various propositions on the California ballots.

Right now Prop 37, Genetically Engineered Food Labeling…

No = 57.7

Yes = 42.3

That’s right folks… apparently the people of California, the most progressive state in the union, the people who pride themselves on rushing out to get any earth saving trendy gimmick, these people don’t want to know what Frankenfood they put in their bodies.  We’re supposed to believe that?

Those numbers are a landslide too. I guess Monsanto “won” a real mandate there.

Also as I predicted, Prop 36 does look like it’s going to pass because though it will keep a few people out of prison for life for committing a non-violent felony as his or her  third strike, it keeps simple drug possession on the “strikes” list ensuring that the prison industrial complex will remain flush full of non-violent drug addicts who have a sickness. So you can still be given life in prison for possession of some coke or pot in California. Huge “victory” for the progressives of the world.
Michigan’s State Proposal B looks like it failed, just as I predicted. That was the one that would have enshrined worker’s rights to collective bargaining so of course that had to fail.

Michigan’s State Proposal A is still “up in the air’ or so they say. That’s the one which would have made the “emergency manager” trick unconstitutional and illegal in the state. Supposedly that one is still too close to call, but I think we all know where this is headed.

So I made 5 predictions on Nov. 3rd and all 5 seem to be holding up: Obama, Prop 37 fail, Prop 36 pass, Michigan Prop A fail, Michigan Prop B fail… of course no one can say anything about rigged e-voting machines because all of our “friends” in the other alternative media outlets were ranting about Romney stealing the election.

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The First Step in Solving Any Problem is Recognizing that There is One

Henny Penny Screeches “THEY’RE STEALING THE ELECTION” – AE Says “no shit”

by Scott Creighton

Alex Jones, Mike Rivero, Brad Freidman and many others are out there breathlessly reporting that there is “massive” vote fraud taking place “right in your face”

“The SKY is falling! The SKY is falling!”

uh… yeah… and what else did you expect?

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You Get What You Vote For, Drones

“Debs said he’d rather vote for what he really wanted and NOT get it, than vote for what he DID NOT want and get THAT. In that spirit, I am voting for Jill Stein on Tuesday.

A vote for Obama is a vote to support unjust war, falling wages, immunity and impunity for Wall Street, environmental ruin, the prison state and much more….”—-Bruce A. Dixon


Killary’s Syrian “rebels” car bomb Eid al-Adha truce – 5 People are Dead

by Scott Creighton

“No” Killary says, too many people want me to continue as Secretary of State, “so I’m stayin”! 5 dead 47 wounded when a car bomb goes off in Damascus near a playground. Several children included in those numbers. Those are Killary’s Companions lighting the fuses over there don’t ya know?

yes… a nude Killary painting by Sarah Ferguson in New York… it’s real

Killary is enjoying the positive press generated by her turning 65 today even though the father of one of the dead ex-Seals (why do they always have to bring up the fact that they used to be Seals? Would no one give a shit if they were just ex-soldiers or Americans or just people?) killed in Libya during the Benghazi psyop says whomever (wink wink Killary) rejected his son’s plea for assistance before the attack is guilty of murder.

But none of that matters. Killary is a Clinton and the Clinton’s ARE the left.

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