The Ebola Crisis™ Psyop: A Marshall Plan for West Africa

by Scott Creighton

“We hope for kind of a Marshall Plan for West Africa,” Dr. Daniel Bausch of Tulane University’s Ebola task force

The election is over, Obama has asked for his 6.18 billion dollars from the U.S. taxpayers in order to finance “a kind of Marshall Plan for West Africa” and it’s time for the Ebola Crisis™ to fade away before people start looking too closely at facts surrounding the psyop or start asking if they really want to fund such a plan on behalf of the masters of the universe in the first place.

While we close schools and auction off entire cities like Detroit here in the states because of what Big Banking did with complicity of the government’s of the current and previous two administrations (Obama, Clinton and Bush what I like to call the “Axis of Evil”), the Obama administration needed a “big threat” on our shores in order to justify spending 6.18 billion bucks somewhere way overseas that had absolutely no effect on the people of this country, and thus the Ebola Crisis™ was hatched with some of the most ridiculously over-hyped threats here in the states and even more ridiculously inflated casualty numbers in Africa.

From the start of my coverage of this manufactured crisis, I stated very clearly that the Ebola scare was theater, an operation of manufactured consent designed to justify military incursion into Africa and distract from very real stories that were popular at the time like ISIS being created by the U.S. and her allies and our neo-Nazi regime killing their own civilian population in Ukraine.

Here we are at the end of the psyop and now everyone can see quite clearly (in hindsight) just how phony the whole thing was from the start by how quickly it dropped off the radar across the political divide. Now we can see the CIA/USAID’s fingerprints all over this psyop and their endgame has come into view: a Marshall Plan for the whole of Africa, which some say is the next great sleeping economic giant of the world. Just like the Banksters and the CIA did back in the days of Gladio and Marshall, they can’t let this region slip into the hands of the other side. Back then it was the Soviet Union. Today, in Africa, it’s China. Different adversaries, same economic ideological conflict, same game plan from the same players.

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Latest Ebola Outbreak Supposedly Kills 3 Times as Many as Previous 26 (the entire History of Ebola) 4,922 compared to 1,530

by Scott Creighton

Now that Obama wants 6.18 billion tax-payer bucks to pump resources into CIA-linked USAID to “fight Ebola” (read as “recolonize the whole of the African continent and keep it out of the hands of the Chinese”) I thought it might be advantageous to take a closer look at the history of the virus.

Within the State and foreign aid arena, the U.S. Agency for International Development or USAID would receive $1.98 billion, including $1.4 billion in disaster assistance. Politico

Luckily I came across an infographic at Global Research that provided that history in a concise manner and after looking at it, I was simply amazed at the scale of this latest outbreak in Africa.

Too say that the scale of this latest outbreak is unprecedented goes well beyond understatement. The number of cases are simply off the charts in comparison to every other outbreak event in the history of the virus.

In 1976, the first case in Zaire effected 318 people with 280 of them dying. In Sudan, the same year, the Sudan Virus strain infected 284 with 151 of them ultimately succumbing to the illness.

Since then there have been a total of 24 outbreaks in various countries around the world from Britain to Russia but mainly it’s contained to Africa.

Of those, only 3 have risen to the same type of scale that the first outbreaks were on.

  • 1995 – Democratic Republic of Congo – 315 infected 250 died
  • 2001 – Uganda                                           – 425 infected 224 died
  • 2007 – Democratic Republic of Congo – 264 infected 187 died

The vast majority of the other outbreaks involve on average about 30 people being infected with some of those cases being much fewer.

But here are the numbers from this latest outbreak. This is going to blow your mind.

March 2014 – Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria – 10,141 infected with 4,922 dead

The most the virus has ever infected in one outbreak is 425 people and that was in Uganda. The most it ever killed 280.

Over the course of the history of the virus, casualties add up to 1,530 dead. And this one outbreak alone has supposedly killed 4,922? That’s well over 3 times as many that’s been killed by Ebola during the entire history of the virus. Does that seem a little odd to anyone else?

How the hell is this same virus supposed to have jumped to such an evolutionary scale, on it’s own, that it has now infected so many people? That’s ridiculous. It has infected and killed more people in this latest outbreak than it ever did throughout it’s entire history combined. By a LARGE margin.

Take a look at the infographic after the break. It’s pretty revealing.

I don’t know what’s going on over there. Did someone weaponize the Ebola virus and let it loose on a population or two? Did they vaccinate against Ebola and screw up giving it to them instead? Is someone just killing off surplus population, getting them out of the way for our “national interests”? Are they padding the numbers so Obama and USAID can get their hands on some slush fund cash?

I don’t know. But this seems HIGHLY suspect if you ask me. Typically viruses don’t make evolutionary jumps that result in new strains doing this and the last time I checked, everyone in Africa isn’t lying around in a big pile sharing bodily fluids on a daily basis. So I don’t know what could possibly account for these kinds of numbers in an organic, naturally occurring manner. This is like an industrialized Ebola outbreak and it is extremely out of sync with Ebola’s outbreak history.

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The Ebola Crisis™ in One Cartoon

Yep. That bout says it all… source


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One of First Nurses To Test Positive for Ebola is Now ‘Virus Free”

by Scott Creighton

Jon Rappaport has written extensively about the weaknesses in the PCR (?) Ebola tests they used to determine the two nurses had contracted the virus after treating the Liberian man who came to Texas with Ebola.

Turns out, she’s now “virus free” and free to go on about her life after helping create quite a scare her in ‘Merika.

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Barack Obama Airdrops Arms and Supplies to PKK Terrorists Outside Kobani

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The terrorists linked to the PKK say “thanks but we want more weapons


While the people of the United States are being deliberately distracted by the criminally over-hyped Ebola Crisis™, President Peace Prize is backing the Shi’a death-squads of the murderous al-Maliki regime in Iraq (read here , here and here) and air-dropping weapons, munitions and other aid to a notorious terrorist organization, the Kurdish Worker’s Party (PKK), in Syria (read here and here).

“The United States has airdropped small arms, ammunition and medical supplies to Kurdish militia forces in the besieged city of Kobani who have been fighting back an ISIS assault for weeks. The airdrops will likely stir controversy with the Turkish government, which has opposed support for Kurdish military groups in Syria that it believes are affiliated with a Kurdish group that has conducted terrorist attacks inside Turkey for decadesABC News

“The airdrops are almost certain to anger the Turkish government, which has said it would oppose any U.S. arms transfers to the Kurdish rebels in Syria. Turkey views the main Kurdish group in Syria as an extension of the Turkish Kurd group known as the PKK, which has waged a 30-year insurgency in Turkey and is designated a terror group by the U.S. and by NATO.” AP

Senior administration officials reported that on Sunday night three American C-130 aircraft dropped 27 pallets of materials for the Kurdish fighters in or near Kobani. It was classified as “the type of material that would help them sustain this fight.”

The PKK is classified as a terrorist organization by Turkey, NATO, the EU and the United States among many others.

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#TackleEbola – Sports Celebrities Jump on the Bandwagon

by Scott Creighton

I just saw a PSA for #TackleEbola, it’s the NFL/other industrialized sporting industry’s campaign to “raise awareness” of Ebola… the virus that has thus far supposedly spread to TWO nurses from Texas.

They have a nifty website where they want you to “Learn. Donate. Participate” in their efforts to stop the Ebola Crisis of Two.

Well, that settles it. When sports celebrities get involved, you know it’s real. Damn real. ಠ_ಠ

Here’s what they want you to do:

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WH Spokesman: Ron Klain got Ebola Czar Job Because He’s a Technocrat. He Knows Nothing About Ebola

by Scott Creighton

Yesterday I wrote about Obama’s new Ebola Czar, Ron Klain, being nothing more than a sleazy neoliberal DLC corporatist/centrist Washington insider revolving door lobbyist who knows nothing about emergency preparedness or medicine or Ebola.

Apparently others have picked up on this fact, though few if any take the time to explain Ron’s neoliberal/corporatist/centrist/globalist/free-market leanings. I guess you wouldn’t expect the free-marketeers to delve into that aspect of his background too deeply, would ya?

Turns out someone at CNN thought it was odd that this guy was Obama’s choice as well and asked the White House spokesman about it and the answer was about what you would expect.

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