Why General Petraeus’ Assassination Inc. Threatens Us All

(Banfman articulates the basis of what I have been arguing, that the CIA has been a major player in the global state terror racket since it began operations, but unfortunately, Banfman then goes on to miss the point, claiming that the Times Square bomber and Umar Fizzlepants were simply “blowback” caused by the CIA terror campaigns (Mr. Banfman… the CIA staged the Christmas day bombing attempt over Detroit to cover Obama’s killing of 49 civilians in Yemen (23 of them children) and the State Department fabricated the Times Square bombing attempt out of a simple car-fire in order to drum up support for their escalation in Pakistan…). But it is still a good article…)

by Fred Banfman, Global Research

“[General McChrystal says that] for every innocent person you kill, you create 10 new enemies.” The Runaway General,” Rolling Stone, 6/22/10

The truth that many Americans find hard to take is that mass U.S. assassination on a scale unequaled in world history lies at the heart of America’s military strategy in the Muslim world, a policy both illegal and never seriously debated by Congress or the American people. Conducting assassination operations throughout the 1.3 billon-strong Muslim world will inevitably increase the murder of civilians and thus create exponentially more “enemies,” as Gen. McChrystal suggests—posing a major long-term threat to U.S. national security. This mass assassination program, sold as defending Americans, is actually endangering us all. Those responsible for it, primarily General Petraeus, are recklessly seeking short-term tactical advantage while making an enormous long-term strategic error that could lead to countless American deaths in the years and decades to come. General Petraeus must be replaced, and the U.S. military’s policy of direct and mass assassination of Muslims ended.

The U.S. has conducted assassination programs in the Third World for decades, but the actual killing—though directed and financed by the C.I.A.—has been largely left to local paramilitary and police forces. This has now has changed dramatically.

What is unprecedented today is the vast number of Americans directly assassinating Muslims—through greatly expanded U.S. military Special Operations teams, U.S. drone strikes and private espionage networks run by former CIA assassins and torturers. Most significant is the expanding geographic scope of their killing. While CENTCOM Commander from October 2008 until July 2010, General Petraeus received secret and unprecedented permission to unilaterally engage in operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, former Russian Republics, Yemen, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, the Horn of Africa, and wherever else he deems necessary.

Never before has a nation unleashed so many assassins in so many foreign nations around the world (9,000 Special Operations soldiers are based in Iraq and Afghanistan alone) as well as implemented a policy that can be best described as unprecedented, remote-control, large-scale “mechanized assassination.” As the N.Y. Times noted in December 2009: “For the first time in history, a civilian intelligence agency is using robots to carry out a military mission, selecting people for killing in a country where the United States is not officially at war.”

This combination of human and technological murder amounts to a worldwide “Assassination Inc.” that is unique in human affairs.

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Is the US Media Leading America into Another War?; America’s Armed Forces are “Embedded in the Media”

by Robert Bridge, Global Research

In the past, war reporters bravely followed soldiers into the jaws of war. Today, it looks like the soldiers are embedded in the media instead, simply going along for the story.

This article asks a simple question that unfortunately has no simple answer: “Where should media publications draw the line when it comes to using ‘anonymous sources’ to substantiate their news reports, especially ones that risk skewing public opinion in favor of yet another disastrous war?”

The bitter lesson that the American people thought they had learned from the War in Iraq was that it is essential to question, question and question again the information that our politicians and media organizations feed us before we jump headlong into yet another war. Never again, we shouted in practically one voice, would we allow our leaders to loll us to sleep with scare tactics as they sow the seeds for yet another costly military campaign. But that was yesterday, and the public memory is a notoriously short one. Thus, the nightmare of war is happening all over again.

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Jeremy Scahill’s True Colors Bleeding Through (or “Poo On Fire”)

by Scott Creighton

(***UPDATE*** True to my word, the pictorial I call “Ode to Liberal Fraud” is now posted at the end of this article. Years in the making (ok… about 10 minutes) and at a cost of thousands of dollars (ok… it didn’t cost anything), the final work is completed at great personal risk (ok… I got poo on my hand) … art critics, be kind… I’m so vulnerable.)

Jeremy Scahill’s role as propagandist for the “left” is becoming clearer by the day.

In a short little offering of pro-war campaign copy he cobbled together for The Nation magazine, “anti-Empire” reporter Jeremy Scahill is able to defend the use of drones, reduce the number of civilians they have killed, and help promote the falsehood about the Pakistan Taliban attacking us in New York (and therefore generate support for the Clinton/Obama desire to “surge” into Pakistan) … all in one shot, in just a few paragraphs.  Karl Rove, eat your heart out.

Now I am not saying it isn’t ham-handed and obvious propaganda, but Scahill gets the job done quickly, in few words, so he can get back to pimping his book tour or picking out his new Green Zone dwelling, where-ever that may be.

You know, I might not have been completely convinced that Scahill was a globalist’s tool until I read this little gem. But now, there is no question. And he is still a douche bag.

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The Payoff

by Scott Creighton

It was before the politicians got a hold of the story, when the White House and the local first-responders in Times Square were telling everyone that the fizzling SUV was nothing more than a car fire. That was when you could find the truth. But then came “the shift” and now comes “the payoff” … and what we have here is just another example of…

Never let a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before.” White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, Nov. 2008

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The Curious Timing of the Terrorist Attacks: It’s Almost Like They’re On Our Side

by Scott Creighton

Never let a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before.” White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, Nov. 2008

As has always been the case since 2001, the bungling blasters who end up attacking our freedom rarely do so when it isn’t of the utmost convenience for the White House.  This latest example, connected to the Waziristan area of Pakistan, holds true to that formula.  One might start wondering if all these “terrorists” are actually on our side.

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Photo of a Green SUV In Times Square, On the Same Corner, and Next to the CNN Witness’ Hot Dog Stand – Taken A Year Ago

by Scott Creighton

When I first heard the story last night, it seemed like what they found in the green SUV could easily have been materials used by any hotdog vendor in Manhattan. This morning, in an earlier article, I gave a detailed explanation of what I think happened in Times Square last night and I showed how the media had been changing the story from an accidental car fire into a “terrorist” act. 

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From “Car Fire” To Foiled Homegrown Terrorism: MSNBC Changes Their Story on the Green SUV Once the Politicians Got Involved

by Scott Creighton    

Detonator? What detonator?

***UPDATE 4*** –  On MSNBC’s Today Show, the talking heads said there was  a “detonator” in the SUV.  They said that even though they showed the official contents of the SUV as reported by the NYPD official, and no detonator was listed…  

The guest on the show just goes on and on about all the horror that COULD have happened… but he doesn’t understand why the bomb didn’t go off… (maybe “the smoke defused it”) 

***UPDATE 3*** IT’S JUST SO FUCKING STUPID!!! I CAN”T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!  Here is the story as it was related by a CNN “reporter” on their “news” show a little while ago… follow along now… this is good…  

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