Man “wrongly accused” in Dallas Sniper Psyop Asks Paul Ryan to Pass Mental Hygiene Law

by Scott Creighton

Mark Hughes is reportedly in “hiding” due to his being sent numerous death threats and a situation he describes as almost a potential lynching involving a hotel and a “mob” of white guys. There is no word on whether or not police reports were filed.

Hughes is the guy who was “wrongly identified” by Dallas PD as a suspect during last week’s Dallas sniper shooting event. I put that in quotation marks because even after he was cleared by Dallas PD of having any involvement in the shooting, they left his photo up on their Twitter account for an additional 13 hours or so… just “because”



If Hughes isn’t part of this psyop, he has a right to be upset about that. Like he says, he could have been shot by some vigilante out there. Dallas PD should have been smart enough to know a smiling guy walking through the streets probably wasn’t their assailant.

Makes you kinda wonder how they got that pic so quickly, don’t it?

Anyway, Mr. Hughes flew his ass over to New York for a CNN Town Hall meeting with Jake Tapper and House Speaker Paul Ryan last night. I guess he doesn’t mind coming out from hiding sometimes if he gets to be on TV.

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Dallas Police Shooting: Comparing “Bullet Strike on Concrete” Videos to “Gunfight” Video

by Scott Creighton

“RB” written on the wall in blood. Does “RB” stand for “race baiting” perhaps?

UPDATE: As expected, the assault on “open carry’ laws has begun as well.

“This is the first time — but a very concrete time — that I think a law can hurt citizens, police and not protect them,” Dallas mayor

Someone (Chads Diebold) posted a link for me on my Twitter account showing that scene shot from above (as they always seem to have someone with a camera filming the action in these things) where the officer in Dallas is supposedly gunned down by the assailant conveniently right next to his car, or his mom’s car, which has it’s flashers on.

(Don’t forget… the official story has changed once again from 2 sniper teams (the three other people arrested that night carrying rifles have been released) to one sniper to no snipers and back to one sniper driving from perch to perch in order to fool us into thinking there were two snipers. That final story comes to us from Police Chief Brown: “Police also found a journal in which the Army veteran detailed tactical movements, including one called “shoot and move,” which is meant to create confusion about the number and location of gunmen,”. This addition to the story answers the bothersome question of how two sniper teams firing from two different elevated positions can become one Lone Gunman)

It looked like we had more than one shooter and they were triangulating on our officers from different positions,””When you look at the shoot-and-move tactics, the abilities he had because of the structure of the building, the journal buttresses the theory that the man acted alone,” Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins

Two men who were armed and a woman who was with them were detained, fueling an early, errant theory by the police that there was more than one gunman.” New York Times

(Please keep in mind, the two armed men were seen leaving the scene of the shooting in a black sports car and the woman arrested was supposedly picked up in the same garage where the shooter was eventually cornered)

This video Chads left for me shows the scene in slow-motion. What is interesting are the sparks generated by the bullet strikes on the sidewalk, columns and walls. Bullet’s don’t typically generate sparks when they hit concrete. That’s a generalization of course, but for the most part, they don’t. Things like the composition of the concrete and the exact rounds used come into play, but generally speaking, they don’t look like what we see in that video below.

Keep in mind when you watch the video of the Dallas shooting… the rounds fired by both the assailant and the officer create sparks on both the sidewalk and the wall of the building. Two different types of ammo, two different guns, two different materials being hit… but the exact same sparking results.

I am posting below his video a couple of Youtube videos which show an AK hitting a concrete wall and an AR-15 hitting a concrete wall.

Take a look and see what you think. Keep in mind, another thing that come into play is the angle of attack of the bullet striking the surface. The videos below show various types of rifle rounds striking a block wall, but they all do so at a 90 deg angle, or straight into the block. Only a couple shots during the gunfight scene would qualify as being fired straight into the wall (a couple at the end of video)

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And then, there were none: Now there were “no snipers” involved in the Dallas Sniper Attack

by Scott Creighton

“Tonight it appears that two snipers shot ten police officers from elevated positions during the protest/rally,” Dallas Police Chief Brown

Over at AlterNet they are condemning “the media” for falsely suggesting there were multiple snipers firing from elevated positions in Dallas on Thursday night. Their claim is that Micah X. Johnson, an Army CARPENTER, took out 5 Dallas police officers and wounded 7 more in ground level tactical combat. A CARPENTER did that. Well, I guess if a carpenter could walk on water and resurrect himself from the dead, anything is possible.

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The NYT is Rich in Irony Today: Mockingbird Journalism at it’s Finest

by Scott Creighton

It is a false belief that the CIA ‘infiltrated’ unwitting media institutions. The recruitment of journalists was frequently done with complicity from top management and ownership. Former CIA Director William Colby claimed during the Church Committee investigative hearings, “Lets go to the managements. They were witting.” Among the organizations that would lend their help to the propaganda efforts was the New York Times, Newsweek, Associated Press, and the Miami Herald. Providing cover to CIA agents was a part of the New York Times policy, set by their late publisher, Arthur Hays Salzberger.4 The People’s History

From the same establishment rag that brought you “Yellow Cake from Niger”, “mobile chemical weapons labs” and “Iranian nukes” stories out the ying-yang, we have another installment in their long, long, long history of Mockingbird journalism.


Well, we know now that the newest 3 hobos from Dallas are officially tossed down the memory hole. All those reports of multiple shooters firing from multiple locations creating a “kill zone” in a Dallas street… all gone. Poof. I wonder if they will say he only fired three bullets and the victims all “slumped” forward when they died.

Last night the governor of Texas and the mayor of Dallas held a press conference where they endorsed the “lone gunman” story. Police Chief Brown was notably absent from the event. The governor took three pre-approved questions from the “journalists” in the room and then ran out the door.

Simply remarkable what passes for journalism in our “free” society over here. Simply remarkable.

Dallas Sniper Attack: Story Morphing, Multiple Snipers Becoming One Dead “Lone Gunman” Carpenter (patsy?) Micah Johnson

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: (H/T Kevin) Don’t know if you guys have seen this video of a street level gun battle. It’s worth looking at.

UPDATE: Yep. That’s it. The three others arrested are dropped down the memory hole like 3 hobos on a hot November Dallas day:

“But they’re still trying to answer key questions. Chief among them: Are any other suspects on the loose?

Federal law enforcement officials say they believe Johnson was the only shooter in the ambush that began Thursday night, according to law enforcement officials briefed by the Dallas police” CNN

Gone like hobos in Dallas, like Dancing Israelis in New York, like the three tall white guys in San Bernadino, like the extra shooters in Orlando. Gone daddy gone

Holy shit. I made a joke this morning about the cops turning lose the three suspects they arrested last night in connection with the multiple sniper event down in Dallas. Ain’t so funny now, is it?

An Army veteran “upset about Black Lives Matter” and “recent police shootings” who opened fire Thursday night in Dallas in an attack on police officers has been identified as Micah Xavier Johnson, the Los Angeles Times and CBS News report. Heavy

Micah X. Johnson has been identified as the individual the Dallas PD was in a standoff with in that parking garage all night. Reports were that he took his own life late last night but the “official” word now is that they used a robot with a bomb attached to it to blow him up early this morning.

The suspect did not shoot himself, despite reports, Brown said. Heavy

Mr Brown said the suspect had been killed when police used explosives placed by a robot to end a tense stand-off in a building where he was holed up. Before that he had spoken to a negotiator. BBC

Johnson was an Army reservist who, according to Dallas police, wanted to kill white people in uniforms because of the two recent staged shooting events in La. and Minnesota. His Facebook page is decked out like it was made by a collection of “let’s start the color revolution” CIA interns. Not a single cliched race-baiting reference is missing. The disinfo trolls are probably running around all over the internet right now like Cartman from South Park yelling “RACE WAR! RACE WAR!!!!

“The suspect said he was upset with white people and wanted to kill white people, especially white officers,” Brown said. Heavy

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Dallas Sniper Attack: Does Anyone Remember June 12, 2015?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Please also see Dallas Texas – Home of the Never Ending Psyops written June 13th, 2015. Apparently there is an entire cottage industry in Dallas centered on destabilization events.

With all the reporting on what happened last night in Dallas, I have yet to read or hear anyone make a comparison to what happened in Dallas on June 12th of 2015.

Here’s what we know about last night (list from CNN):

  • A total of 10 police officers were shot by snipers during the protests, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said. An 11th officer was shot during an exchange of gunfire with a suspect, authorities said.
  • Police Chief David Brown said it’s unclear how many suspects were involved, but three people are in custody.
  • Dallas police negotiated and exchanged gunfire with a suspect for hours at a parking garage in downtown. That suspect is dead, a law enforcement official told CNN. The official did not say how the suspect died.
  • “The suspect told our negotiators that the end is coming,” Brown said. The suspect at the garage also told negotiators more officers are going to get hurt, and that bombs are planted all over downtown Dallas.
  • “This was an attack planned long before — waiting for an opportunity to go,” Moore said. “I think there was so much logistically, ammunition-wise. They may not have planned the location, they may not have planned the vantage point. But they had prepared for an attack before last night’s shooting is my guess.”
  • Two of the shooters were snipers, who fired “ambush-style” from an “elevated position,” Brown said.

Last night I was watching MSNBC’s live coverage of this event and they had someone named Van Zant on as some kind of “expert” and he said something that struck me: he said that it reminds him off all those “terrorist” sniper attacks at protests in Latin America over the past couple of decades and that he was sad too see it now happening here on U.S. streets.

What he failed to mention was the fact that 99.9% of those sniper attacks were carried out by various regime change mercenaries working for the CIA on their irregular warfare campaigns.

Of course, you don’t have to go back even that far in history to see this kind of tactic being employed. If you recall, at the height of the regime change op in Ukraine, there was a similar sniper attack whose perpetrators have never been fully identified by the new regime that took over in it’s aftermath.

“I can say only one thing: the key factor in this uprising, that spilled blood in Kiev and that turned the country upside down and shocked it, was a third force,” Avakov was quoted as saying by Interfax. “And this force was not Ukrainian.”

Forensic evidence, in particular the similarity of the bullet wounds, led him and others to conclude that snipers were targeting both sides of the standoff at Maidan — and that the shootings were intended to generate a wave of revulsion so strong that it would topple Yanukovych and also justify a Russian invasion. AP

Now that said, let’s take a look back at the events of June 12, 2015.

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Dallas Texas – Home of the Never Ending Psyops

by Scott Creighton

Look at this guys. It would appear our friends in Texas, especially in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, are real big on psyops these days.

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