World Votes to Lift Blockade on Cuba as US, Israel Vote ‘No’

(I guess the rest of the world hasn’t heard how the diabolical Cubans trained their crickets to attack our State Department employees)

from TeleSur

The U.N. General Assembly has voted 191 to 2 for the lifting of the U.S. blockade on Cuba as the United States and Israel were the only countries to vote against the resolution.

Delegate after delegate called for the end of the blockade, highlighting the progressive and positive role Cuba plays in the international community.

Speaking at the General Assembly, titled, “Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States of America against Cuba,” the representative of African states called the hardline stance taken by the current U.S. administration against Cuba as being “a step backward” that hampers Cuba’s sustainable development.

He recalled Cuba’s proud history on the African continent, actively participating in liberation struggles and its ongoing contribution to improving healthcare…

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Trump Driven Out of Cuba… by Horny Crickets ಠ_ಠ (AE video)

Trump Driven Out of Cuba… by Horny Crickets ಠ_ಠ

by Scott Creighton

You know someone wants to kill the Cuban reset deal when they let their State Department flee from noisy insects.

The great warrior president who “defeated ISIS” and threatens to rain fire down on the people of North Korea pulled his staff out of Cuba… because of some crickets they heard at night.

I guess the ALPHA 66 boys needed some coddling.

The CNN story reads like a comedy routine. A stand up monologue of a nightly news-round up show.

“President Donald Trump said Monday that he does “believe Cuba is responsible” for the mysterious attacks that sickened at least 22 US diplomats and family members in Havana.

“I do believe Cuba’s responsible, I do believe that,” Trump said in the Rose Garden.

Investigators continue to examine the circumstances surrounding as many as 50 attacks that may have involved the use of an acoustic device, a US official has told CNN. The device was so sophisticated, it was outside the range of audible sound, the official said. And it was so damaging, the source said, that one US diplomat now needs to use a hearing aid.

Three US officials told CNN that the device was deployed either inside or outside the residences of US diplomats living in Havana. For months, starting late last year, US diplomats in Havana complained of incidents, often late at night in their homes or hotel rooms, that left them feeling ill — often plagued by a sudden wave of nausea, dizziness and headaches accompanied by strange sounds compared to loud insects or metal dragging across the floor” CNN

If it was so sophisticated it was “outside the range of audible sound”… how did they know it sounded like “loud insects” I wonder.


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