The Nunes Memo and FISA Section 702: The Nunes Conundrum

While folks clamor to #ReleaseTheMemo , Devin Nunes’ “fix” to FISA Section 702 is anything but. As the official government (the ELECTED government) is shut down, the Deep State wins again.

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Not “Ridiculous Nonsense” Anymore: Yes, British Intelligence and Others Did Spy on Trump Campaign Using the 14 Eyes Program

by Scott Creighton

After listening to a month’s worth of the complicit media yelling their outrage at Sean Spicer, Devin Nunes, Judge Napolitano, Donald Trump and all the other “conspiracy theorists” (myself included) who dared suggest it was even slightly possible that British intelligence agencies used the 5 Eyes program to spy on the Trump campaign staff in the lead-up to the election and then share that information with the Obama administration (who at the time was working as a surrogate for the Hillary team) today we have confirmation that, yes, GCHQ and other British intel services did in fact spy on team Trump and share the information they collected with Obama. And it predates the “Russian hacking” bull crap.

The narrative being sculpted is that the Brits were simply assisting in the ongoing investigation into the “Russian hacking” story but the truth is, their intel dates back to late 2015… long before the “Russian hacking” narrative.

The Guardian, who broke this story, say “It is understood that GCHQ was at no point carrying out a targeted operation against Trump or his team or proactively seeking information..” and that is it in terms of providing any substantial evidence at all that they weren’t deliberately targeting the Trump campaign staff during the election process looking for juicy info they could feed Obama and American intelligence services to use against him in the election.

Turns out, a number of foreign agencies had their hands in the effort to thwart the Trump candidacy and Russia wasn’t one of them.

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Devin Nunes Press Conference on the Surveillance of President-elect Trump

by Scott Creighton


Apparently Nunes saw reports (transcripts?) and other documents which show there was surveillance on Trump’s people as well as Trump himself and it had nothing to do with Russia. At least that’s what he said in a statement today. Were they spying on him before the election or just afterwards on his transition team? Whatever it was, Nunes felt the need to go directly to the White House and let Trump know what he saw.

When asked by a reporter if Trump’s own communications were shown to be in the report, Nunes responded “yes”

Apparently there was something Trump himself said that had been recorded that Nunes felt he had to inform the president about immediately.

At the end of the interview Nunes makes it clear this information was brought forward by a whistle-blower. Someone he said had the proper clearance and went through the proper channels. So, the FBI who has yet to respond to congress’ Mar. 15th letter, did not provide this officially nor did NSA.

He also says he spoke with the heads of the NSA and the CIA and the Speaker of the House before taking it to the White House. He tried to contact the FBI about it, but was not able to get them to talk with him about it. Looks like the FBI and Justice did the wiretapping.

In the end he says it looks “very similar” to when congressmen were spied on by the CIA a year or so ago (and Brennan lied about it)

CIA worshiping, red-baiting neo-McCarthyites like Rachel Maddow are frothing at the mouth.

Gareth Porter “Donald Trump Has Lost Control Of His Policy To Be On Good Terms With Russia.” (Richie Allen video)

Above the Law: What Did James Comey’s House Intelligence Committee Hearing Really Tell Us?

by Scott Creighton

This morning all the corporatist talking heads in the MSM are screeching about how FBI Director James Comey said there was no evidence anyone in the Obama administration “wiretapped” the Trump campaign before the election and that the big news from yesterday’s House Intelligence Committee hearing was that there is in fact an ongoing investigation into the possible collusion between the Russians and Trump’s campaign during the election.

The complicit media therefore demands an apology from “lying” Donald Trump about the Obama accusation while coming to an even more breathless and premature conclusion from them that our new president is actually a Manchurian puppet of Vlad the Impaler himself.

Of course, all of the media outlets jumping to these false conclusions were heavily embedded with the Clinton campaign back then, heavily invested in her victory and duly devastated when she lost the election.

The level of avarice unleashed at Trump by these same institutions during the election was so spectacular and unprecedented in modern U.S. history it left much of the country with a profound distrust of the corporate media in general. This is a trend that we have been seeing develop for nearly a year. So much so they had to start the “fake news” campaign to try to discredit the other news sources viewers are investigating and gravitating to as they flock out of the MSM propaganda bubble en mass.

It never occurs to anyone that the real attempt to influence our elections are homegrown projects cooked up in the various instruments of power on behalf of the real leaders of our country and then sold as “news” via dissemination agents like the Washington Post, New York Times, MSNBC, Fox, CNN and others. These are the folks who hated the results of the election and thus, hate our form of “democracy” because the people of this country, the deplorables, “voted the wrong way”

As much as some would have you believe Vladamir Putin hates Hillary Clinton and wanted to see her lose, can any of them say the complicit MSM didn’t hate Donald Trump and want to see him lose? It was NBC after all who held the “grab her by the p–y” video and held it til right before the election in order to maximize it’s destabilizing October Surprise effect.

And ultimately, what is the charge here? That real information about the corruption of Hillary Clinton and the COLLUSION between her campaign and the DNC against a populist candidate, Bernie Sanders, was “hacked” and leaked to various sources where it was released to the public so they could make a more informed decision about their choice on election day?

If you take a breath, step back and look at it with nonpartisan eyes, what you see is that this is what they call “undermining our democracy” these days. How is exposing the real nature of a candidate, taking off her mask and showing her for what she really is, how is that possibly considered “undermining democracy” in a constitutional republic?

Yet that is ultimately what is at the core of this topic. The establishment’s deeply flawed candidate of choice failed to be allowed to attend her scheduled coronation so they must fabricate an after action report that white washes the history of that historic failure (and Clinton’s criminality and corruption that were exposed)

So we have that going on coupled with a destabilization campaign being run by the media targeting the new administration just like all the destabilization campaigns run by media in countries the CIA and State Department selected for regime change over the past couple of decades.

In spite of the breathless and baseless conclusions being parroted by the complicit talking heads this morning, let’s keep five things in mind as we talk about the Comey/Rogers hearing yesterday:

  1. The war-mongering republicans promote disinformation/propaganda about Russia just like the New McCarthyite Dems do these days
  2. Just because Clinton DID try to influence Russia’s election, that does not mean Russia tried to influence ours
  3. James Comey did not say there was no evidence that someone in the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign
  4. An investigation is not proof of guilt
  5. James Comey refused to promise an investigation into who those “high ranking” intelligence agency professionals were who committed felonies by leaking anti-Trump intel to the complicit media.

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