How the unDNC Attacks the Real Left in Support of Donald Trump’s Neoliberal Domestic Agenda (this will not end well)

by Scott Creighton

The rise of the CIA/State Department Democrats combined with the New McCarthyism fervor of the unDemocratic Party is now, finally, becoming a point of contention for “progressive” commentators like Jamarl Thomas, Kyle Kulinski and Jimmy Dore. As they breathlessly screech their shock and amazement at this “new” developing trend it’s as if they were sleep walking though the Age of Obama and that of Bill Clinton not all that long ago.

The unDemocratic Party has been decidedly anti-left since the days of Jimmy Carter and have been “moving the party to the right” via incrementalism ever since. Hell, even their hero, the back-stabbing sellout Bernie Sanders, backed Bill Clinton’s neoliberal regime change operation against the people of Yugoslavia decades ago and has backed every single one of those that followed ever since.

It’s hard too say whether or not these sudden protestations are born of a legitimate angst over the perceived change in direction of the unDemocratic Party or if they are simply checking the winds and rolling with the tide. Or maybe they are concerned that eventually even they will be caught up in the newest purge of unacceptable thought here in the Shining City on the Hill.

It is a frightening development though is it not. Everything progressive is now being labeled as a “Russian plot” to “attack our democracy” and they are being labeled as such not by the historically inclined to do such things (the regressive Republican Party) but rather, by the historical bastion of populist, progressive representation… the Democratic Party.

Years ago I wrote about how in neoliberalized nations you have the creation of groups like the old Brown Shirts who ride around in trucks, civilians with police minders, rounding up troublemakers from the real left and either killing them or disappearing them into secret prisons where they are tortured to give up the names of other like-minded people within their communities. In happens in every single neoliberalized nation from Indonesia to Chile. From India to Argentina. No nation is spared because it is part of the stability building process. It’s happened in this country before and as I wrote YEARS AGO… it will happen again.

Of course, at the time I never figured folks like Rachael Maddow, Keith Olbermann and Cenk Uygur would be leading the rabble of brainwashed Dems on the back of those trucks.

Nifty little plot twist there, huh?

Below is a partial list of what the WSWS found to be a bunch of CIA/State Department-linked candidates running for office in the unDemocratic Party this year. It’s a pretty long list and I have left off a few of them for reasons of brevity. I include this list in this article because, when combined with the ongoing New McCarthyism, it really makes clear just what has happened to the unDemocratic Party in the wake of the 2016 Democratic Primary that Hillary Clinton and her network of cronies had to STEAL from the REAL LEFT in this country… so we would be treated to a Donald Trump presidency.

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