Another Staged Event from CNN: Batman Goes to China

by Scott Creighton

It’s one thing when the corporate media refuse to cover a story because it makes the globalist’s actions look bad or it highlights something that they would rather not have exposed. That’s bad enough. But when the media actually makes stories up out of whole cloth and they are never held accountable for it, then you have serious problems with far reaching implications. Unfortunately we have been seeing this trend developing more and more as of late.

CNN has a story out about how Batman actor Christian Bale and a CNN “news” crew went to visit a Chinese activist and was assaulted by “plain clothed” Chinese military police and then they were involved in a “high speed chase” which the news crew won, somehow, and they escaped. A CNN cameraman outran Chinese authority’s radio in a minivan? Really?

That’s the “news” according to CNN.

Here’s what really happened.

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