Chris Mathews Drools Over a “Real Leader”… Jordan’s Dictator, King Abdullah II

by Scott Creighton

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Last night, Chris Mathews was talking about President Trump’s meeting with King Abdullah the 2nd of Jordan because during that meeting, Trump said he had gotten his mind right on the subject of Assad and he went on to talk about the killing of “little babies. little babies. babies”

During his meeting and their press conference, Trump didn’t mention, nor did Mathews for that matter, how many “babies” he’s killed as his bombs rain down on civilians in Iraq, Yemen and Syria. Nor did he mention his SEAL Team 6 raid in Yemen which killed an 8-year-old little girl along side a number of other innocent children and women for that matter.

None of that was discussed last night by Chris “Scoop Jackson” Mathews.

Instead, Chris showed a bunch of clips were Trump said “crazy” things (according to Mathews) during the campaign like he would rather see Assad in charge of Syria than “ISIS” or that the problems in Syria were Syria’s issues to deal with.

Most folks would think that was a logical approach to the subject. In fact, it was probably a selling point for some of his voters.

But it’s “crazy talk” to a sycophantic shill for the Deep State like Chris Mathews.

Then Chris played the clip of Sec. of State Tillerson committing the ultimate sin: he said the fate of the Syrian leadership was up to the Syrian people.

Holy shit. That is outrageous. Self determination cannot be allowed. You should have seen the overblown, overacted ranting from Lawrence O’Donnell last night on the subject of letting the people decide the fate of their own country in Syria.

O’Donnell actually said that statement was the REASON Assad dropped chemical weapons on babies. How fucking insane is that? The U.S. says nations can decide their own fate and that somehow unleashes chemical weapons attacks on babies. That’s pure Joseph Goebbels nonsense right there. Straight up Orwellian “freedom is slavery” But, it was prime time MSNBC in the Shining City on the Hill last night. Draw your own conclusions.

You know, it wasn’t that long ago, in case you forgot, that the Obama administration was denying they were focused on forcing a change in the leadership of Syria. They kept saying they were just there to “fight ISIS”… remember?

Now you have these clowns openly demanding “regime change” by force from Trump.

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