FBI Now Seeking Information on “Leave the bomb, take the luggage” Guys from 27th St. in Chelsea

by Scott Creighton

Two Guys wanted for questioning by the FBI

They look like they were two gentlemen just strolling up and down Seventh Avenue at the time,” Boyce added. DNA info New York

Back on Sept. 19th I wrote about the odd coincidence of two mysterious guys finding both bombs in Chelsea and Elizabeth, New Jersey during the weekend of distraction terrorism in the tri-state area. According to the official story, two well dressed guys were walking back and forth on 27th St. in Chelsea after the first bomb went off on 23rd St. until someone came by and dropped off the rolling luggage on the sidewalk. According to videos they have yet to release, authorities say the two guys opened up the luggage, removed the white plastic bag, removed the bomb and a note from the bag and left them on the sidewalk and simply walked away with the piece of luggage.

Here we are now on Wednesday and these two individuals, knowing full well how big this story is, have not contacted police anywhere and asked them if they might want the piece of luggage for their investigation into the attacks.

Not only that, but if authorities haven’t been able to find them in the area or anyone who might know who they were, that seems to suggest they weren’t from that area and it kind of makes one wonder… what were they doing walking around until they found a piece of luggage with a bomb in it?

Why would well dressed guys want a chicken restaurant employee’s luggage? Why would they mess with a pressure cooker bomb after opening the bag and seeing what it was? And more importantly… why, after pulling the obvious bomb out of the luggage and leaving it on the sidewalk for anyone to find, why didn’t they contact authorities with their nifty little cell phones and let them know about the dangerous thing sitting out in the open on 27th St.?

All good questions, right?

Apparently the Feds agree. They have put out a call for any information about these guys.

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Making Sense of the Kinder/Gentler Terror Distraction of Ahmad Khan Rahami

by Scott Creighton

On Saturday September 17th, the US military combined with Reaper drones from the British RAF and Australian, Danish forces attacked Syrian forces who were engaged in combat against our supposed enemy “ISIS” just south of Deir ez-Zour, Syria. 62 Syrian troops were killed and another 100 were wounded. When the attack stopped due to Russia demanding the US and coalition forces cease the attack, “ISIS” then moved into the area and took it from the Syrians. The United States, Britain, Australian and Danish forces did not then target “ISIS” after the “mistake” but rather they simply let them advance on the position cleared out by the coalition forces.

This event:

  • ended the cease-fire agreement for all intents and purposes
  • could easily be considered an act of war against the Syrian state which we have been trying to destabilize for the past 5 years
  • threatened to expose the true nature of our War on “ISIS”

Given the sheer magnitude of this event, it is understandable that those who planned it would wish to make sure that the MSM and the general population had something else to discuss all weekend and for the first part of the week while the well coordinated attack on Syrian troops by coalition forces in support of “ISIS” slips quietly down the memory hole as if it never happened.

In short, they needed a distraction… and a big one.

Part of irregular warfare is waging psychological operations in support of military campaigns. Creating distractions from failed or potentially unpopular operations falls under that general description. The regime change operation in Syria and the larger endless war everywhere against “ISIS” could easily be lost if the “rightness” of our cause comes into question in the minds of the masses, which is exactly what prolonged discussion and debate of this planned attack could have produced. But that wont happen now. That wont happen because Ahmad Khan Rahami, for no apparent reason, decided to make a bunch of bombs and target random spots across New Jersey and New York.

This weekend of terror distraction they concocted was, thankfully, devoid of fatalities. It was almost a street theater piece of performance art more than it was an actual terrorist attack. And for that, we should be thankful I suppose.

Let me explain what I mean.

Let’s take a look at what was planned and how it panned out so we can better understand the kinder/gentler terrorism of Ahmad Khan Rahami.

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Ahmad Khan Rahami: Friendly Fat Muslim Chicken-man by Day, Mad Bomber at Night? “Two Guys” Found Both Bombs?

by Scott Creighton

Thankfully there is a convenient video shot out of a window (shades of the Boston bomber shootout?) showing Ahmad Khan Rahami, the friendly fat Muslim chicken-man, running down the street in Jersey before he was shot and disabled by police, eventually arrested and taken alive into custody.

At first he’s kind of standing there waiting to take off down the street yet according to the story, he was already being chased by cops who had already shot him once, right? So why was he just standing there waiting to take off?

Then you have the “I seen it” video where you see absolutely nothing.

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Ahmad Khan Rahami Identified as Being a Suspect in New York City Dumpster Distraction… I Mean “Bombing”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: I found a Facebook page for a guy from Afghanistan with the same name who looks similar. It was started in late 2015 and doesn’t have a lot of entries but it does have over 200 friends listed, many from Afghanistan and many who seem to work at Facebook. It may not be the same guy.

On Saturday night, about an hour after the UN Security Council convened an emergency session to deal with the US bombing of Syrian troops who were battling “ISIS”, a small device went off in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York city.

The Feds have now stated that they are looking for Ahmad Khan Rahami as a possible person of interest, someone they wish to question about the event or events. Since that night there have been several other unexploded devices found in various areas around New York and New Jersey, thus ensuring it will be the only story in the MSM this morning.

Rahami is a 28-year-old immigrant from Afghanistan. It is not known at this point whether or not he has any previous connection with law enforcement. If the pattern holds true though, he will have had extensive contact with them. Let’s wait and see.

There are already a few quiet reports stating the cease-fire agreement in Syria is now dead thanks to the US’s “accidental” bombing of Syrian troops. Pentagon officials have been denouncing the agreement since before it was signed as have some members of the neocon intelligence factions here in the States. Seems this “accidental” act of war has given certain folks exactly what they wanted and this dumpster bomber has provided perfect cover for the Obama administration at a key moment when he was hitching his wagon to Hillary’s crippled campaign.

Funny how the terrorists always seem to have the worst timing huh?

UPDATE 2: Over at Circa.com, an expert says the bomb being placed in a metal dumpster “minimized it’s reach”

“Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a professor in irregular warfare and strategy with the Institute of World Politics in Washington, D.C., said that the device that exploded in Chelsea was placed in a dumpster, which minimized its reach.” Circa.com

The second device did not go off nor did the other one found Sunday in a backpack. That one only went off when it was detonated by the robot. Seems to me someone wanted to create a climate of fear without a lot of casualties… either that or they have no idea what they are doing.