Crass Opportunism and Craven Hypocrisy of Cenk Uygur Exposed in One Image

One day Cenk asks if all cops are “cowards” and today he praises the corrupt FBI and says Republicans “don’t support cops”

Cenk has no moral center. He will say/do anything to make money. He is a weasel of the lowest order and it’s time he finally hangs his head in shame and goes away.

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Sellouts at the Young Turks IGNORE Morgan Freeman’s Propaganda Video

And by their actions you will know them.

Cenk Uygur sold out to Hillary/Obama-backer Jeffrey Katzenberg and now it appears he’s in so deep he and his fellow FAKE ALTERNATIVE CHANNELS are ignoring one of the biggest stories of the week, Morgan Freeman’s disgustingly shameful propaganda video about Russia “attacking” us during the election last year.

The Young Turks, Jimmy Dore and Jordan Chariton all seem to be ignoring this major story because if they cover it as they should, their OWNERS wouldn’t like it. So they are ALL silent on the subject.

You should unsubscribe from their channels.


Young Turks Bought Up by Clinton/Obama Backers, Vulture Capitalists and unDemocratic Party “kingmaker” for $20 Million

by Scott Creighton

Cenk Uygur’s new owner gets medal of freedom from Obama because he raised millions of bucks for his elections.

Just a quick note

Cenk Uygur is trying to play it cool, telling his followers this is not a big deal when in fact it is. Well, Cenk has been a tool of the establishment, trying to pretend he isn’t for years. His Youtube empire, the Young Turks, was started with seed money from a centrist republican years ago and Cenk has been pushing the centrist message ever since. You have to remember, when Cenk was on MSNBC he spread Clinton’s lies about Gaddafi on a daily basis, doing his level best to convince progressives to tacitly support her illegal and immoral regime change operation in Libya. And he’s done the same shit ever since.

So Cenk Uygur has always been a sellout piece of shit… now he’s just sold out more.

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Cenk Uygur of Young Turks Parrots Baseless Bullshit About “Comey Memo” In Propaganda Video

by Scott Creighton

While Cenk Uygur pretends to be some sort of inner party opposition, he’s actually a sheep-dogging sellout to the establishment Democrats and his stance on Russia hacking the election and controlling President Trump couldn’t make that fact more obvious. There is no evidence of that and the whole thing is nothing more than an attempt by the Deep State to destabilize the current administration and blackmail them into doing what they want him to do. For example, remember how all these establishment hacks said Trump was “the real president now” right after they launched cruise missiles at a Syrian airstrip in response to al Qaeda’s White Helmets’ video about the supposed chemical attack in Idlib? When the Trump administration does what they want, they praise him. When he gets closer to peace deals with Assad or normalizing relationships with folks from North Korea or Russia, they attack. It’s so obvious now, you can’t miss it unless you work very hard to do so.

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Cenk Uygur Breathlessly Announces Neoliberal Silicon Valley-Owned Ro Khanna as New Cash Cow of “Justice Dems”

by Scott Creighton

Wow. There’s “CHANGE” huh?

Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks and the sheepdog unDemocratic Party movement, the “Justice Dems”, breathlessly announced via Twitter “Huge news coming up on tonight’s show. Big announcement that’s going to shake up DC

Oh he’s gonna shake up those establishment dems with the acquisition of Ro Khanna, huh?

Let’s see…

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