Capt. Kearns: Jason Bourne or Raymond Shaw? Project Artichoke Goes Live

by Scott Creighton

TruthOut has published an article this morning about Dr. John Bruce Jessen, the CIA contracted psychologist who became one of the architects of the government’s torture program, and how he turned his work with the SERE program, a program designed to help soldiers deal with the pressures of torture, into a “how to” guide for “exploiting” War on Terror detainees for the CIA and department of defense.

The article includes hand-written notes from Dr. Jessen taken during his time working on the SERE program and provided by retired Air Force Capt. Michael Kearns to TruthOut writers Jason Leopold and Jeffrey Kaye.  Though the notes themselves do not deal with torture, they do detail key aspects of what would later become our “enhanced interrogation” program.

This article is going to get a lot of attention today and over the course of the next week or so I suppose, but I will tell you now, something doesn’t add up.  This smells rotten to the core. And if you watch Capt. Kearns between his staged, rehearsed, getting ready for the political career answers, you will see something in this man’s eyes that I think exposes his truer nature, a nature born of a lifetime in service to the spook industry and the CIA specifically.

This man is crazy and he just may the CIA’s next Manchurian candidate.

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